I made that sissy cry

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I made a sissy cry last night but honestly, it was all her fault! She was being a whiny little bitch about taking cock, as if that is not a huge part of all this. Why dress like a girl if you’re not going to act like a girl? This little bitch loved my strap on cock so I knew she would like a real cock too if she would just give it a chance but she refused. Can you believe that? She refused her Mistress! I was ready to just throw the whole fucking sissy away just for that kind of disobedience but I decided to give her one more chance. I invited over one of my lovers, he has a huge black cock and that fucking disrespectful sissy was gonna take it all. I forced sissy to swallow that huge black dick and even tho she cried the whole time her little clitty was rock hard so I know that whore loved it. She was loving it even more in her lil pussy too so next time she better not give me any shit!

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