Gym Rat in Sissy Panties

sissy panties

At the gym the other day I noticed a pair of sissy panties fall out of one of the older mens bags. A regular Gym rat with something to prove. I knew he was a good target for Me as I picked them up and followed him to his car. A real muscle man with a muscle car,who kept showing off lifting as heavy as he could. This cocky man talked about what great tits and has that I had, even pointing to me at one point. As the gym emptied out behind us I called over to him to help me. Just a girl who couldn’t get into my locker and he saw a really good opportunity to get up personal close with me. My muscle man followed me into the lady’s locker room and he right away offered me some of his quote unquote dick. Being as confident as I am I told him to pull it out and that’s when he got all kinds of shy! Turns out he only looks like a man, he wasn’t a real man! And as I held out the panties that fell out of his gym bag I told him what would the other men think about a panty wearing small dick fagot? I’ve been known to enjoy sissy sluts with attitude so this is nothing new to me! I was a little bit shocked at how small his cock was though. I couldn’t help but laugh. He looked completely straight like he didn’t want any cock or wear any panties. He looked like he only went after prime pussy! My sissy radar went off, I could feel his fagottness!  And you know it I had my strap on in my bag and when I turned around to strap it up he was on his knees with his mouth open.  First the panties I commanded! And I told him this would have to do since I didn’t have a cock available at the moment. He sucked and sucked like his life depended on it pushing my strap-on dildo into my pussy making me hump it as I fucked his mouth. And when that little clitty got off he tried to run out of the lady’s locker room but I told him if you met me here tomorrow and have someone with a big piece of man-meat for him to really suck off! I hope he shows I’m always down for some after hours sissy training!


    • Stan on November 18, 2021 at 12:55 pm
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    My pee-pee is little am I a sissy?

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