Get Fucked Up & Cum

Phone domination Sky

                Sit the fuck down on the bed when I tell you to, Once you walk through that door you become my bitch. I never like to play it safe, the sun covers the room but it’s not hot enough, lay your head back as my pussy comes up to cover your face. Lips spread wide open- go on use your tongue the way I taught you-yes deep just like that. I’ll ride you until you need to fuckin breath-go ahead and count the minutes in your head. Let me treat you and suck your dick maybe we can level out the pleasures as the before price of coke goes up. I need you to get up while I back my ass up onto that cock, move it up whip my ass just right. Slip inside me-fuck me better than the bitches from the other night, I need your cock to fill me up for the next bad bitch I’ll give you to can be satisfied. Take another hit with me and Babe don’t make me get on my knees to bite your cock-fill me deeper, stroke it toward the right, around in a circle, toward the left- find my spot and make me cum. Oh yes that it- just right-I don’t want to hear you fucking back talk unless you want me to gag you. We have both been waiting for our fix, neither one knew it we’d end up cumming all fucked up like this ahahaha!

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