Forced To Do As Told

I exposed one of my filthy cum whores, he was being a bad slut and talking back instead of fucking and sucking the cock like what is made for. He normally is a very good obedient slut, but he had separated from his wife recently. So, I knew if I told him that I was going to tell his wife and anyone that knew him that he loves being a filthy cum whore that he would do whatever I wanted. Right away he started sucking the big black cock just like I wanted him too, and I made sure his ass was going to be ready for pounding. I spread my fingers while pumping his ass with my fingers, as soon as I knew it was nice ready, I made sure he took that cock hard I made him get pounded over and over while licking my ass and saying how much he loves getting fucked and filled with cum. The pounding didn’t stop until his ass was filled and dripping cum out and I made him clean up the mess. From that day own he did what I said when I said it no hesitation. Domination phone sex

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    i want to worship

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