Forced Sissy Training Making You a Little Sissy Bitch

Forced sissy trainingAs soon as I saw you, I knew you were the perfect slut for forced sissy training. Your innocent face and tight body begged to be corrupted by my nasty  desires. I started by making you watch explicit porn together, slowly introducing you to the world of filth that would become your new reality. You moaned in delight as the images flashed across the screen, your pretty little pussy already getting wet at the thought of being used like one of those dirty whores on camera.

Next came the humiliation sessions – forcing you to wear feminine clothing and makeup while calling yourself a worthless cunt or faggot slut every time we stepped outside our door. At first it was uncomfortable for both of us but soon enough those words rolled off your tongue like honey from a hive when addressing me or anyone else who dared look at this “pretty piece of ass”. It wasn’t long before people began staring at how beautifully submissive and feminine YOU looked!

Then came anal training; initially starting with fingers then progressing onto rounds), he finally pulled out, leaving behind a trail of cum and piss stains on your ass cheeks. It was time for me to take my turn – I positioned myself behind you and slowly eased my own cock into your now well-stretched asshole. The sensation must have been overwhelming because tears streamed down your face but still you didn’t resist as I began fucking away at that tight little hole like there was no tomorrow!

Our session lasted well into the early hours with multiple creampies filling up every inch of available space inside of you; each one making room for another volleyballsized load until finally we were both spent and collapsed onto the bed together – our sweaty bodies intertwined like two lovers who had just experienced something truly magical. As morning broke, we cleaned ourselves up best we could before heading off to work where everyone could see how thoroughly used & abused our sissy slut had become overnight…and loving every second of it!

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