Forced feminization is a fun time for sissies!

Forced feminization

Forced feminization is a fun time for sissies! I’m Emerson, a powerful and unstoppable dominatrix. I’ve always seen submissiveness in my sissies, even the most resistant ones, and love nothing more than to show them the power within themselves.  is one of my strong suits, and one I have used to great success in breaking even the most head-strong of my sissies.

Once they provide their hard-willed resistance to me, I know I can train them and make them into my sissy whores. Through this process of training, I’ll take each sissy, one by one, and break them down to their vulnerable core, until they accept that their destiny is in my hands. No matter how they fight it, I will overwhelm them with my control and ownership.

Through sheer willpower, I have been able to turn even the strongest of sissies into willing and loyal slaves. They learn to obey, to suck, to worship, and, most of all, to surrender to my superior being. It’s a beautiful thing to watch them move along in their submission journey, and I take great delight in seeing them become the feminized creatures their true selves are meant to be.

I love nothing more than being the one to set my sissies on the path to erotic freedom and joy. So if you’re a sissy looking for a dominatrix who can help you find your true and wild self, look no further. I’ll be waiting to show you the beautiful and powerful femininity your head was made to accept. And trust me, when you finally get there, you won’t be able to keep from coming.

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