Cupcake Sissy Phone Chat

sissy phone chatCupcake ass sissy phone chat is where you belong! Started off as being a beta cock for you wife. Soon you were cross dressing in her clothes. I love having a slutty sweet sissy that gets off to cumming in her pretty little girly panties. Thigh highs and garters in pretty bright colors looking like a sweet tart of a sissy whore ready to explore all of the wonderful things A mistress can give such a pretty girl. Your wife left your beta cuck ass to shack up and keep fucking men she fucked for you. Vibrator for your clitty up and down in your bright sweet panties and nylons. Beta cuck sissy. You’re my favorite hobby now, making you as outrageously pretty as I can! It didn’t take long to transform you. You are my perfect fem princess and will do as I say, your only option now that your beta cuck days have made you into a living doll for me!  You are just a beta cuck! Come and clean my cream pie pussy and stay to be my sissy slave! You love that bright pink Dior lipstick for those dick sucking lips of yours.
Want to go shopping? I bet you need lots of sissy panties, take me shopping on the phone with you! Need to look like a cupcake sissy princess whore as you suck cock for me.

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