Bend Over

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Well look at you. Sitting there in your pretty nylon panties and matching bra. What is that? You have some pretty matching thigh highs and high heels too. Don’t just sit there, get up. Let me see strut your stuff you sissy faggot. Aww look at how hot you look wobbling on your heels as you sway your sissy ass back and forth. The way you stick you ass out I think you are wanting your man pussy pounded, aren’t you? Lucky for you I have just what you need. Wobble over to my drawer and hand me that big pink box. As I open it, I pull out the biggest thickest strap on you have ever seen. You make a little mess in your panties just watching as I attach it to my goddess body. Of course, that makes me a little upset with you. So, I am going to sit on the edge of the bed, and you bend over my knee. I am going to pull your panties down and spank you. Slowly and firmly my hand lands on each cheek. Your little clitty is even pushing on my knees now. Oh, my you are a little slut, aren’t you? Now stand up and lean over this bed. Spread your crimson covered ass cheeks and pull your tight asshole open. I open the lube and rub it up and down the strap on and rub the head against your gaping hole. Now hold on you faggot I am about to go in deep.

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