BBC sissy trainer if your ready to Submit

BBC sissy trainer

Everyone knows BBC is the best cock; that’s why I have them on tap for being the best BBC sissy trainer ever. So many pathetic men call us wanting to hear about our experiences with the cock that’s better. But the truth is, whenever a sissy intends to commit to the lifestyle, I have BBC on tap. One of my current subs had to find this out the hard way.

My sub-Joan has been nagging me for as long as I can remember to be collared by me. But Joan is a wannabe; they have no loyalties and are scared chicken shit.  So, I call “them” out on it. So they decided to book a session and show me what a sub they are. I tied Joan to my cross-spread eagle and covered his eyes with a mask. Joan loves to be in charge, but there is only one master in my house. I told them that we were permanently done if they used a safeword. So they didn’t say a word or ask any stupid questions. I started at their bottom with a little cock and ball torture. Leaving them hanging, I put spikes under their feet, attaching them with a strap. When I set her all up to the max with tantalizing torture, their breathing was labored, but then the BBC came into awareness. This stud had a 9-inch cock. Joan could hear him breathing, and I could see their startledness. Joan wasn’t ready for what was to come next.

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