BBC sissy trainer blacks you

BBC sissy Trainer

It’s time to get and stay Blacked by your favorite BBC sissy trainer! I know how much you envy and lust after those swinging tree trunks of BBC. I too love the wonderful joy of having my ass clapped by a thundering big black dick. My thighs often break the speed of sound as my Black man fucks his snow bunny. I have that tight body of a white girl with a fat ass that black men can’t deny. I love you sissy maid bitches asking about my boyfriend. I always assume you mean Mike my black daddy. 

But yeah there’s Trent with his small dick out asking me if he can start working at the sissy maid hotel. He says it would be wonderful to work and pay my way through the salons they have created just for mistresses such as me. I get a discount and Sissy’s checks to pay for my stay. Of course, ill be staying in the BBC wing where they have Black men on speed dial for white women who need some strange, sweet-swinging dark meat. Trent is my boyfriend, I guess… But he really doesn’t get to fuck more than my ass on holidays and such. He spends more time worshiping black dick than I do. I have so much to learn! I guess I’ll keep him around to pamper me and learn the true art of being a sissy maid training to be a  queen for BBC. 

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