Adult phone chat lines dominating bitch to train you right.

Adult phone chat lines

          Adult phone chat lines dominating bitch to train you right. Listen to your master. As long as you understand that I am the one in charge. You will learn to grovel. Address me as you should. Your training will be long, intense, and most notably fun for me and humbling for you.

          First thing you are going to get is a fucking ass blistering. Pain must be remembered. On the positive side it will turn into pleasure. Pain is pleasure for at the same time as you are getting your ass blistered with a whip going to have your cock getting jerked.

          Pain is pleasure. Now settle it in your mind that this Phone dominatrix will have you screaming in both pain and pleasure. Smothering you with my tits. From time to time will even allow you to give them a kiss. It will be a reward. Henceforth you will address me as Master. Call me anything other than Master and it will be cock and ball torture. A sound lashing. Without the ensuing pleasure.

          Formerly you were free. Now you are a slave. My slave. Degrading you for the weak pathetic whining sniveling little pecker head that you are. Tiny cock and all. Obey thy will and you will have the best of both. Pain and pleasure. Choose wisely little pecker head.

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