Forced sissy training was the way to go

forced sissy trainingSometimes men come to me for training and they have no idea what that really means. They actually think it will just be some slap and tickle bullshit and in the end they will get to fuck me and go home happy. Bitch please! As if I would let some little tiny dicked sissy fairy faggot fuck me! These losers really have no clue at all. That’s okay tho, I am happy to spell it all out for them thru some forced sissy training. I make them realize that their dicks are way too small to please a woman and that they are more woman than man anyway. I show them how much better it would be for them to just embrace their feminine side and become the little sissy bitch they were meant to be. I force them to shave off the man hair and dress like a whore and then they are pimped out to many, many men to learn how to suck a dick and use that boycunt like they should. It’s a whole lot of fun for me, they might not like it at first but in the end they sure will!


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  1. Peter

    Rosemary is the best sissy trainer.

  2. Sissy

    You are a Goddess and I am your sissy toy.

  3. wimp

    i wish You would train me Mistress

  4. Chris

    Such a hot sissy trainer!

  5. Joey

    You remind me of my mom, I’d love you to humiliate me

  6. John

    Please train me Rosemary

  7. Dean

    I want you to dog walk me on a leash and make me eat your pussy

  8. Jeffrey

    I want you to train me

  9. Johnson

    Your so sexxxyyy

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