Worship the Heels of the Best Sissy Trainer

best sissy trainer


Your place as my worthless little sissy is at my feet. I am the best sissy trainer because I am strict and will not allow you to get confused about your place. For example, a worthless sissy gag like you should not be making eye contact with a goddess like me. Your eyes, just like the rest of you, should be at my feet. I love a tall black almost as much as I love a big black cock. And look at that. Just like a BBC, my stiletto is bigger than that worthless little clit in your sissy boy panties.

Sounds to me like you should be worshiping my heels the same way you would worship a bbc. Kiss my fucking shoe, you worthless little fag. Are you ready for the foced slave training? Stick out that pink piggy tongue and start licking my heel clean. I want to see my reflection in my shoe or you will be feeling every inch of my heel in that filthy sissy pussy of yours. If you are a good little bitch boy, I’ll let you cream your sissy boy panties while you worship my feet. Now be a good little fag and thank me for giving you the honor of tasting my boot.

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