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humiliation phone sex

If you call me be prepared that I will destroy you during humiliation phone sex. I take my role very seriously and I enjoy making you high and mighty men feel like dirt beneath my heels. I don’t care what size your cock is it will never be enough to fill my pussy. Your balls will never be filled with enough cum to drip out after. Your bank account will always be too small. Shoes or clothes will never be expensive enough. You see my cunt starts dripping when I am belittling you over the phone. I like to hear a grown man cry as I remind them that we women are the top of the food chain not you. I moan hearing you grovel to be allowed to play with your puny prick. Be careful who you talk down to as one day you will be licking those high heels of hers and begging for a chance at her pussy. Don’t tell your secretary to get you coffee, you should be asking her how she takes hers since you are going to get your own. If I were you I would remember who it is that wears the panties around here and who have other options for dick than just you! If you want to be smushed under Mistress Ember’s heel I am waiting for your call.

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