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Do You Need Sissy Slave Training?

sissy slave trainingSissy slave training is what many of you need. I get guys all the time that tell me they are good sissies or good subs, but they are a far cry from “good.” They need a sissy trainer like me. I met Mark on a sissy fetish site. He sold be a bunch of bull crap. He was just a pretend sissy. When he arrived, he was dressed like a man. He didn’t even have a sissy bag to change into. He didn’t suck cock. He didn’t wear panties. He didn’t eat creampies. Like what the fuck? How do you call yourself a sissy like that? I decided to ease him into the sissy life. The real sissy life. He said he wanted to worship me like a Goddess. I am good with that, but a sissy does so much more. I had him eat my pussy. I waited until after I squirted on his face, however, to tell him I had another man’s cum in my cunt. I had a lot of spunk inside me too. He licked it all up unbeknownst to him.  He was not happy when he found out he ate a man’s cum from my cunt. I told him I am the best sissy trainer around and if he wants to be a sissy he better get with the program. Sissies take orders. They never give them. Every sissy trainer is different, but if you are my sissy, you will clean up cum in my cunt. You may suck cock too. You may even get dick in your back door pussy. You will definitely dress the part. I will feminize you head to toe. So, don’t call me for sissy boy fun unless you can take orders like a good sissy boy! There is no such thing as dominant sissy.