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Forced Sissy Training

Forced Sissy TrainingSometimes I find a sissy who does not wish to conform to Miss Francis’ ways. They must then undergo forced sissy training. I take that little sissy and have their entire body waxed. Not one strand of hair will remain on their bodies, except of course their beautiful head. I then put them in a sexy pair of thigh highs, no panties of course and a matching sexy outfit. And don’t forget the shoes, a pair of nice peekaboo heels. I top their sweet head with a wonderful wig and makeup their sweet faces. When they are all pretty, I go to work. They are usually naughty and touch their little clitties without my permission, so I attach a cock cage to keep that thing intact. I put a butt plug in their sweet little shit hole too. But Miss Francis is not done. I lay them on their stomachs, pull up their cute outfit and chain their legs together, exposing the sweet butt plug and cock cage. I then invite all my friends over for an orgy. While my little sissy lays there, we have sex all around her. We even tease her little clitty with our fingers and our tongues. But poor sissy’s clitty is stuck in a cage and only causes her pain. I love to put a BBC inches from her sweet dick sucking lips and have them tap it on her mouth. You can practically see the drool. She is also required to clean everybody up. I will stick a dick or pussy right up to her mouth and make her clean up all the cum. I know she loves this and her little clitty wants to get hard, but the cage is preventing it. We laugh as she winces in pain. Sometimes our parties last all night. By the nights end, this sissy will usually admit defeat and become the wonderful little sissy slave she was mean to be.