Sissy Humiliation Training Telling It Like It Is, Pathetic Loser!

Sissy Humiliation Training I love when we do sissy humiliation training, I can let you know what a loser you are and try my best to make you something worth anyone’s time.  It’s a task in itself. Oh, you pathetic little faggot. You think you can please a woman like me with that tiny, worthless cock of yours? Ha! You’re nothing but a sissy slut who will never measure up to the real men I’ve had.

Your cock is so small and soft, it might as well be made of rubber. It’s disgusting how eager you are to please me when all you’ll ever do is make me laugh at your expense. Why don’t you go lick some cum off the floor from one of my other conquests? Maybe that will teach you what it means to be truly dominated by a real woman.

You know what they say about big fish in small ponds – well, here comes the biggest catch yet: Daddy-o has arrived and he wants his little coco sucker ready for some action! But first things first – let’s see if there’s any chance of making something outta this sorry excuse for a man underneath all this makeup and lingerie.

Nahh… Not even close! Keep practicing on those dildos in your purse while I go out and find myself a real man who can satisfy my every desire. A man who knows how to treat his woman right – like the spoiled brat princess that I am! And trust me, there’s plenty of them out there just waiting for their chance with me… especially since word has spread about my new hobby: turning sissy boys into perfect little fucktoys.

But don’t worry about being jealous or anything; once you’ve been properly trained by yours truly, maybe one day you’ll be worthy enough to join in on the fun too! Until then though, just keep sucking on those dildos and dreaming about what could have been if only your pathetic excuse for a cock was worth keeping around.

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