Phone Domination Means I am the One in Control

phone dominationPhone domination puts me in charge. But everyday some poser beta bitch calls me and tries to dictate how things will go. He tells me does not do humiliation. Or he tells me how to speak to him. Perhaps he even tells me he is not a sissy or a cock sucker and called me because he thought I was hot. Guys on my site find me because they either searched for things like a mistress or a sissy trainer. Sure, some guys may just look for phone sex and my site comes up. But the name Sissy Slut Hut should register.

So, my response to men who ask me what it means to be a sissy is, “If you need to ask, you are not one and you are in the wrong place.” Some tool called me yesterday and he had a rape fantasy for a mature woman. Before I even collected his billing info, I told him he had the wrong woman. I nicely told him that I was a phone dominatrix and a sissy trainer. He told me he could live with that, and we came up with an alternative scenario.

A Sissy Trainer Will Never Be Your Bitch

However, once the call started, he insisted on his original fantasy. So, I turned the tables on him. I took control of the call like I always do. Although I prefer sensual domination, when someone gets unruly with me, or ever belligerent, I break them. I went into badass mode. I posses some big dick energy for a woman. So, when some one acts like a fool with me, I treat them like the beta bitch loser they are.

And this guy was the King of Beta Bitchville. He felt lucky that he did not meet me in person because I phone fucked the hell out his ass. And I would have destroyed it in person. I may have scared this guy off phone sex forever, LOL. When you call a sissy phone mistress, you do not get to call the shots. She is in charge. I am in charge. Always.

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