Online Sissy Training For Quarantined Needs

When my Sissies get to be home alone and left to their own vices, well it’s time to call your Mistress up for some online Sissy training. The best thing about the present situation is those that live alone or have their little private oasis to be themselves get to play and be naughty. I am here for you and ready as ever to humiliate and expose you as the sissy sluts you are. I expect you to send me pictures of your sweet sissy ass so I can expose you properly. Now that the site has been updated I am going to have my fun exposing my naughty and my good sissy sluts that crave that attention. You know I am always the nurturing kind mommy with a stroke of mean humiliation when you act out. I love m Sissies and I want you all to be safe. Soon, I will have you ready though. Ready to go out and seek out that cock in a glory hole in the next couple of weeks. So it’s best you get that dildo and paint those lips and start learning to suck dick right. Save that cum and eat it for me as you suck off that dildo as our training continues.

Online sissy training

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