Femboy Training With Worthless Trash Like You Keeps Me Busy

Femboy trainingFemboy training is one of the parts of my day I sit back and play with myself and admire my work. We’ll take turns using every inch of your worthless body until neither one of us can take anymore! And don’t even think about cumming without permission – I’ll make sure to keep those balls empty so that all that delicious cum shoots out onto our stomachs or maybe even into my mouth if I feel like it.

After we’re both satisfied, I might decide to let you clean up the mess since it was mostly your fault for being such a slutty little cocksucker in the first place. But before that happens, there will be plenty more anal training sessions ahead: learning how to properly lick an asshole clean after taking a big black dick up the ass; practicing different positions like doggy style and missionary just so you know how much better it feels when taken from behind by someone who actually knows what they’re doing…

And don’t forget about all those pretty dresses and heels waiting for their turn on display once again – they won’t wear themselves now will they? So get used to being dressed up like this is who you truly are deep down inside: A worthless piece of trash sissy boy whose only purpose is pleasing his Mistress however she sees fit!

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