Dominated Sissys

Domination Phone Sex Sky

I got you putting on the prettiest of faces. I love the Smokey eyes you have styled with those big lashes and juicy red lips. Slipping on those Bright pink tight panties to snug up those balls and juicy cock while that tight ass still shows. Oh this silky lavender dress and pink fishnets look so fucking sexy paired with these 6 inch lavender heels. I just need to put some perfume on those wrists and have you strut around for me you sexy sissy slave. Now I want you to put these large dangled earrings on while I wrap this choker necklace around your neck and secure this collar on you, to make you crawl you through toward the balcony. I need you to sit like a good little bitch on that tight ass and knees until I say otherwise. I will have two cocks in your face that you must suck and get them hard until they pulse in rhythm. Once they are soaked and pulsing- you will spread those legs- they will tear those fishnets apart and both shove their cocks up your tight little ass like the good sissy slut you are- understood?

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