Ass eaters Anonymous

Online sissy trainingOnline sissy training with men who are ass eaters makes me very happy. I have always loved my ass eaten, and when you tell me that you want to make a meal out of my ass, I get very into it! Baby, I know a true ass eater when I hear one. Telling me that you know I have healthy ass shits because I’m vegan, with some stinky gas, tells me more than I need to know. Hot fucking tongues punching my little shitter is the ultimate! That’s right stuff my ass with some chocolate candy and have me shit it back into your mouth. Hell shove some spaghetti and pasta sauce up there and I will make it the main course and desert all in one! Some men just need to call a hot bitch to eat her ass, and I’m all for it you sexy ass slut!

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    • Vulk on January 9, 2022 at 1:19 am
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    yum!!!! Sounds like my kinda girl!

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