Arabella Takes You Out on a sissy field trip!

Humiliation phone sex

Arabella Takes You Out 

Get dressed! It is time for some Humiliation phone sex. What do I want you to wear? A bra and panties of course and a dress. You better be dressed and ready when you call me because I have some fun planned.

You are going to grab your car keys and head to a woman’s clothing store. Yes, dressed like that. If you put up a fight or talk back I will only add to the humiliation that I have in store for you. 

Once inside I want you to head straight to the counter. 

Look right at the clerk point at the horrid outfit you have on and announce that you are a sissy in need of help. I want you to say this loudly. Making sure that anyone in the store hears you. Then you can put me on speaker phone. Let me talk to her and give her the very next steps to embarrass you. 

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