Not all sissy phone sex is the same, some Mistresses are easy going, kind and patient and even sweet but I am not like that at all. I am a harsh Mistress and I expect to be obeyed no matter what. If I give you an order you must comply, even if it embarrasses you, even if you are humiliated and mocked, you must comply or you will never get to gaze as the beauty and perfection that is me. I know everything about you already and we’ve never even spoke. I know that you are a wimpy little sissy bitch with a tiny little peepee. I know that you love women’s clothes even if you won’t admit it. I know that some of you will require forced sissy training even though just hearing the word sissy gets your little clitty rock hard. I will train you to be the perfect little sissy bitch. By the time I am thru with you, you will be an eager little sissy slut sucking and fucking with the best of them. If you are a disobedient little whore, well then you will be punished. I will humiliate you and send you out in public to be found out. I will tell your secret to the world and there will be nothing you can do about it. Are you going to be my good little sissy slut? Or a naughty whore that needs to be punished?

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  1. Alex

    I loved my call. Really got put into my place and made into a total cocksucking faggot.

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