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Dress Up Time

forced sissy trainingYou’re all dressed up for your mistress aren’t you? I know you’ve been waiting a while to play so you’re very excited. Look at that little clit all excited for me while you rub it through your panties. You have your dress and makeup on because you know that you have to be all dressed up for me or else. I have my big 10” veiny black strap on cock ready for you but first you have to be a good little fucking slut for me and get on your knees and get it all nice and wet. That’s right on your knees for your mistress and give this cock a big juicy fucking kiss. I love watching you wrap your pretty little mouth around this fucking cock like the whore you are. Such a good little sissy you are now stand up and bend right over and spread your ass cheeks for me so I can see that tiny little hole. I love pushing the head in gently so I can see your asshole stretch out around this fat fucking cock. You love when I pound into you while you rub your little clitty until you cum in your pretty panties.