Forced sissy training is often required and I love that!

Forced sissy trainingForced sissy training is often required and I love that. You know you are a worthless little fem boy that women want even to use as a toy. You can’t please a woman so what can you do? I know I have the perfect idea for a worthless little sissy pet like you!

Get dresses up from head to toe. Make sure its short alpha like to see your ass as you know! Now strut around like the skanky bitch you are. If you do really good, you made get a gold star. Now get on your knees and crawl to your master. I said crawl you little bitch! Hurry up! Faster!

Now I want you to beg like the bitch that you are! Beg for that alpha cock I know you know who you are. Tell him how you are and unworthy little fem boy fuck. Let him know that you are there to clean his balls and that big dick you will suck. Hover will be your nick name because you can suck a cock dry. But don’t get too proud I see the twinkle in your eye.

You are still a worthless cunt I’ll show you just how little you matter. Alpha back hands you while I kick you over and stand on your balls. Tell me sissy pet are you proud that you finally drain his balls? You think your big shit because you did what any real woman can do? Let’s see how big and bad you are with my balls under my shoe. Remember your place, that’s the best thing you can do and just for that I’m going to let alpha fucking rape you!


    • will on September 23, 2022 at 10:27 pm
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    Make me your sissy whore mistress

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