“I may look like a sweet little southern belle but don’t let that fool you, I will put you into forced sissy training. I will take every aspect of maleness from you and replace it with frilly girly things. You will wax your entire body until you are smooth as a baby’s bottom. You will put that little clitty dick of yours in soft silk panties, preferably thongs. Your nice smooth legs will be covered in thigh high panty hose complete with a matching garter belt and corseted bra. I will take those awful lips of yours and make them plump cock sucking lips with a pretty shade of lipstick. We will cover those nasty feet with beautiful high heels and complete the look with a matching purse. I will put you in a nice black dress that will hug your forced curves. We will paint your face with the most exquisite makeup and put a wonderful girly wig on your head. Once we make you appear to be a beautiful feminine creature, our training begins. I will teach you how to give blowjobs, how to fuck and how to keep me happy.
If you please me, I will allow you to silently watch me fuck big hard cocks until they cum. You will then lick me and their cocks totally clean like the sissy slut you will have become. However, if you displease me then I will be forced to paddle that panty covered ass of yours until it is a nice shade of red to match your lipstick. If your cock gets hard during this paddling, I will have no choice but to paddle that little clitty of yours until tears pour down your face causing your makeup to run. If you want to be the best little sissy bitch there is then you give me a call for some sissy training. I will be waiting…….


    • Vincent on April 11, 2021 at 2:33 am
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