I love being a sissy phone sex trainer. I have always been a dominant woman. I was raised to be a proud and strong Hispanic woman. My mother is white, my father is Hispanic. My mom was married before my dad to a loser white man. She cuckolded him and ended up marrying the bull her ex-husband found to spice up their sex life. I am glad he did that, or I never would have been born. My mother is a dominant woman. She cuckolded and pegged her ex-husband. When my Hispanic bull daddy came into her life, she finally found what was missing in her marriage: love and a big thick cock. When I came around, she told me white men would try to disrespect me, so I needed to be bold and stand up to them. I was making boys cry when I was a schoolgirl. In high school, I started pegging high school jocks and feminizing them. None of them ever measured up. When I went to college, I became a professional dominatrix and sissy trainer. I was born to put men in their place. I am still a professional dominatrix, but I supplement my income with online sissy training too. I am strong. I am beautiful. And I am in charge. Try to racially humiliate me, and you will never sit right again. You will address me as Goddess or Mistress. I will never let you fuck me. Like my mother, I am all about strong beautiful dark men. You are my pathetic sissy, femboy, cuckold or slave. Realize that, then we can play.


    • Adsm on May 14, 2021 at 9:07 pm
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    Very horny I want nasty sex

    • Annonymous on July 14, 2022 at 7:34 pm
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    taught me how to suck thank you

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