Perhaps you can’t tell from reading this Bio what type of person I am. Of course a real man would know just by looking at me. But we both know you don’t fall into that category. There is not one part of you that belongs in the man category We both know what type of category fits you the best. So let’s not waste my time. You are a sissy. Its very easy to see! Look at you.  Of course I can’t show you off in your current fake state. Dressing up like a man! Really? Take every bit of those fake clothes off. Now! I never want to see men’s clothing on you again. It is an insult. You are going to dress like the fairy faggot you are. Pink, frilly and everything silly. Makeup and hair has to be done. And all of your measurements taken. There is so much work I have to do getting you ready. And we have no time. So stop daillying around or I am going to get the paddle!  And we both know if I have to get the paddle you will pay dearly!


    • slityyy on July 14, 2022 at 7:24 pm
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    You are the best trrainerthank you

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