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    • charnelle menonligh on July 26, 2021 at 1:58 am
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    Hi Odessa,
    I’m sooooooo excited to chitty chat!! chat boom chitty chitty with a woman who just gets…. it. No fuss. Yes Im a squishy smooth scared of spiders ssissy slut seeeking semen spiderwebs shot from supersized sausages of studly supreme sirs so sertain to satisy my sissy girl cunt sliding inside md a split second after seating me, sideways on a sity bus shelter and spreading my. stillettos so sharply my seam splits in my skirt that was ironed so perfectly, and slowly his steel fills my sissy pussy thats singing a silly solliloqy, awaiting her servings of semen savoured deliciously, his cock solid and strong delivering the suns pure intensity, my sissy submission to my man’s superiority consumes me…. my stars… seeeming to sooth every sense, that I feel so alive yet never felt this ecstasy previously, my strong sargaent major superior is smashing me, dreams of my sissy girl cunt pleasing men, is deliveed easily, his fuckstick so skillfully he seems sertain to successfully, star in stadiums filled by sissys and sluts to capacity. to witness his stuntcock skills that i get to experience sopersonally, i feel tingle sensations spreading to every extremity, like im flying through an asteroid belt filled with pop rocks bursting pleasurably, i shake and i scream amd i care,of nothing else but so selfishly wanting……

    to be, feeling a cocks pleasure forever and be hypnotised against the thought of ever being sexual with a woman… to simplu hate women genmerally except for my besties and of course my mistress hynotising me, to wanting a pussy between my legs and hating pussy more every day.

    I feel comfort in feeling him tighten against me, the competing desires for him to keep fucking me contrast with my thrill that he will cum inside me or over me.

    Get on your knees he commands and mid scream i drop to the concrete, sorrounded by rubbish filth and faece s, i scrape my knee heavily, i feel the pressure of his cock forced through my painted lips thoat and so far it engorges me…

    i cannot breathe, but if breathing by mouth means i must give up his cock and the feeling of intensity, ill either learn to breathe through my ears or his cock i will happily. take as the death of me.

    He grunts, as his superdsized sausage delivers a prelude of tasty treat that makes my arousal overcome me and with a masculine primal roar he delivers up a thick dose of perfection and fantasy.

    • girlysissy on July 14, 2022 at 7:23 pm
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    I think i am getting my period early this month master

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