Don’t think I’m one of those angels in disguise, I’m not, I have something against Sissy training rookies like you and I fully intend to show you every chance I get. I’m eager to show you my rage at even having to talk to you! Come fuck around so I have an excuse to play with you, so I have a reason, a justification to step on your cock and call you a little girl. I’m a very happy slut and I didn’t get that way by not stepping on a few dicks. You have to accept your place in life, and mine’s training guys like you into chicks with dicks. You’re going to love every minute despite the abuse, and I’m going to adore abusing you and forcing you into Humiliation phone sex, so why wait? Why aren’t you already here, showing me everything you have so I can take notes, correct, fix, and change you into the real girl you deserve to be! It’s one step effort, two steps technique, and three steps fuck you. That’s just how things are, and I’m always happy to reinforce the status quo. Play along, learn, and maybe you’ll see my nice side. Don’t? Well remember, I have something against people like you. I’ll show you my naughty side. I’ll make you bleed, I’ll make it hurt, I’ll relish in crushing everything you’ve stood for and rebuilding you from the concrete dust. I’ll grind my heel into the institution of you, of all the manly fiber you think you’ve accrued, and I’ll level it all with a crane and a wrecking ball. Test me, because I’m going to test you. It’s my mission to train you into a Sissy panties wearing slut, and I always succeed when it comes to changing guys like you into the women you truly were meant to be.