Hello sweeties I am Mistress Dakota. I adore all sissies and their cute and sometimes wild fantasies. To some this whole unique world of frills and thrills is merely a fantasy and others it’s a lifestyle. I embrace you all. No two sissies are alike, everyone has their own unique traits that make them special. Let’s uncover yours, what make you worthy of my time and care tonight? As your mistress I expect honesty and full submission to my orders and assignments. For your sissy training to be successful it requires dedication and determination. You will at times get frustrated and at times be on the brink of purging. That’s normal, I understand but instead of falling into continued bad habits put on a pair of panties and be a big girl. Let me help guide you on a path of freedom and self-expression. Whether you are the prim and proper girly-girl or a lustful cock-craving whore, I will be waiting to guide you. To coerce you, and at times force you to be the feminine creature that hides within you. My style is sweet, sensual but firm when needed. I do not submit to anyone but myself so don’t even try. The burly manly man routine will not work on me, I will chew you up and spit you out into a pair of nylon panties and thigh boots and expose all your insecurities. Do not cross me unless you are willing to pay the price. Remember be good my pets and Mistress will spoil you pretty, be bad and you will have to accept my wrath. Much love and kisses!

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