“I work Sissy maid training bitches over as if jokes ready to be their own self evident punchline. Cock sucking? You think I’d touch your dirty, smelly, gross cock with my lips? Maybe if you actually had one worth playing with, but I bet you have the smallest, cheesiest piece of work I’ve ever had the pleasure of not touching with my hands before let alone my lips. You want a blowjob? Ask your fellow sissy sluts, because I’m not giving you one but I’ve trained plenty of bitches just like you to use your manners to get a guy’s pants off and start slurping like the Forced feminization victim you are. It’s not that you want it, not at first, it’s that you want the reward I might give you if you can make them cum in a reasonable time. You won’t, you can’t, you’re too much of a failure for that and you know that or you wouldn’t be here in the first place. But I have to let you try, it’s so intoxicatingly wonderful when you fail and I get to punish you! From there, you’ll get better, and better, and maybe eventually you’ll be passable. Just like the cock sucking, cum slurping, dribbling pussy begging Online sissy training applicants I’m going to have crush your balls and drain your cock of its juices just for asking. You’re a tight knit group now, and I’m hopeful you’ll find it in you to pull off the barest modicum of rebellion so that I can crush it and bend you over my knee. I enjoy spanking misbehaving sissy, I adore crushing your dreams and reminding you who’s boss in the only way you know how to comprehend it. It fills me with power to take yours away, some call me a bully, I call me a mistress. Your mistress.