I used to be a man like you. No, really, I was! Don’t believe me? Thank you, that just shows how damn good at this I am. I’m a fucking model now, and it was all thanks to going through Femboy training and working my up to full trans. I realized who I was because of women like me, and decided I need to train others and accept that they really are women inside! You can’t deny it, you’re here because you feel it deep down. Well give me a call and let’s talk about it, let’s change you, make you who you were meant to be. I’ll do a sexy dance while I’m at it, tease you, justify my place here, but really this is about you not me. I’m training you, making you suck dick, lick cum off my toes, and eat out my pussy, all that’s absolutely essential to the process; but it’s not the fun part I love about Forced feminization! I love dressing you up! I love making you feel sexy, I love making you look in the mirror and see who you really are. If that means I need to indoctrinate you with some heavy training, you better believe I’ll get almost militant with my desire to fulfill your dreams. I’m a warrior meant to cut away the preconceived notions that you’re a man. I’m here to pick up a dildo and use it to carve away your inhibitions as a straight loser. I’ll shove it in your mouth, and you’ll be surprised to realize you absolutely love it. You want to suck it, you want to suck real cock! Then I’ll go find you a cock to suck. You can think of me more like your guide, because I’ve been there, and I know who you’re meant to be even if it takes Sissy hypno training. Sparkle for me ladies!