Taking Sissy Panty Shopping

Sissy pantiesI just must tell you about my little sissy Bob… I mean Becky. Becky is in the early stages of training and doing nicely. We have already had that body waxed so it is nice and smooth. But Becky cried like a little bitch the entire time though. It was pathetic. With every pull of the wax Becky whined. What a little sissy ass. Anyways, now that my little sissy slut is all nice and smooth it was time for some panty shopping. I took that sissy to the local mall and went into Victoria Secret. Becky hung that head, but I could tell sissy was in awe of everything. I told Becky we were shopping for a nice pair of Christmas panties. I found the perfect pair and made Becky try them on. Sissy tried to object but he knows what happens if he disobeys me. And that little clitty was sore from the last paddling. Becky went right in the dressing room. I told that little bitch to try them on and step out so I can see. Of course, the mall was packed and reluctantly Becky stepped out in those pretty red panties where the outline of that sorry dick could be seen. People were in awe and whispering, one girl even took pictures. I was loving that Becky’s face was turning as red as those panties. A few minutes of humiliation went by and I allowed him to go change. We came home and I had him try them on. Here’s a picture of that little sissy bitch in his new panties. What do you think?


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  1. Andrew

    Please bang my asshole sissy trainer!

  2. Jessie

    I think im ready for some of that

  3. Sissy Keving

    Can I please wear my panties for you.

  4. Sissy Sally

    You are the best sissy trainer, Mistress Francis.

  5. Mathew


  6. Slave

    I need to be humiliated by you

  7. sissyvicki

    can i be Your sissy too?

  8. Larry

    I want you to take me panty shopping. I will try on whatever you tell me to.

  9. Luke

    I’ll be your sissy, mistress

  10. Dick

    I want you to take me panty shopping.

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