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I Must Punish You

Mistress Phone SexI hear you have been a bad little sissy. Playing with your little clitty without permission? And riding your big fat dildo with your man pussy? I am so disappointed in you. We have talked about this and I have given you a few chances, but you continue to disobey. Now you know what happens don’t you. You must be punished. So, put on your sissy panties and grab your paddle. I want you to rub that little clitty until that small thing is as big as it can get. Now you take that paddle and swat it. Like that. I know it hurts but you cannot play with things that don’t belong to you. You know that clitty is mine. Now swat it again. Harder. And Again. Are those tears running down your face? Now swat it five more times and hard. Ouch that looks like it hurts. Incredibly good. You can stop now. Let me see it. Oh, look how red and swollen it is. Now since you like it so much you keep rubbing it, don’t stop until I tell you. Are you still crying? Look at that pre-cum leaking out onto your raw clitty. Bet that stings don’t it? Now you keep stroking that clitty until you have cum twice. I will know if you lie. Then pull up those sissy panties and rub your warm goo all over that raw clitty of yours and sit in those panties the rest of the day. Maybe next time you think about playing with yourself you will remember this. Next time I will do the swatting.

Sissy punished

best sissy trainer

I love how that cock cage looks on you! Your such a good girl wearing that tight cage. Denying yourself, the ache pulls on you to play with that little clitty of yours. Come now be a good little sissy bitch and beg! Beg Mistress Marissa to take her keys and free that clitty of yours so you can rub it and get it all excited. Your begging is pathetic, I know your capable of so much more. The only thing you will be feeling tonight is my heel on your face and the sting of my paddle. So be a good little bitch for me and lay down face sideways ass up. Your going to kiss my feet and beg me to beat you. Let me hear you say it. Repeat after me sissy bitch. “Mistress Marissa please beat my sissy ass” there are go the next thing your gonna do for me is count of the hits. Are you ready, yes okay let’s go.

I made him my bitch

best sissy trainerI took a strong, successful man and made him my bitch. I broke him like a horse, slowly, carefully until he was completely incapable of doing anything without asking me for permission first. We met on a blind date and while he was handsome and clearly wealthy, there was just something about him that was off. He had a weakness in him that I could sense so I went about exploiting that weakness right away. That first night I had him on his knees begging me to fuck him with my giant strap on cock even though he had never attempted anything like that before. By the following week I had him dressed in women’s clothing sucking my lover’s cocks like a faggot. And just yesterday he went on his first out call appointment as a whore. I took that strong man and made him my bitch and that just proves that I can break anyone.

Pegging you

best sissy trainerI

Tonight I am going to fuck you with this strap on cock.  It’s fat thick and hard ready for you.  I want to see you on your knees sucking my cock. I wanna watch you gag and plead for me to stop fucking that sissy little whore face of yours. I am gonna take this fat cock and ram it in your little virgin asshole.  I wanna spit on that brown eye and tease your needy hole and push that thick cock head in your boy pussy.  I’m gonna wrap my hand around your cock and stroke it while i pound your fucking asshole. I love hearing you cry out in pleasure and pain.  it makes my little slutty cunt dripping wet. i just can’t wait to fuck you and have you begging for more!


Sissy Panties Are a Must For Sucking Cock

sissy panties


So this will be your very first time actually sucking a cock, won’t it, Sissy? I hope you’ve been preparing yourself just as I asked. You need to keep practicing on that big dildo of yours until the day comes. Consider them dress rehearsals as well because you need to dress and act the part of a real cock sucking sissy. I want you to go out tonight and buy yourself 3 new pairs of sexy panties and then show them to me once you put them on. It is important for you to keep nurturing this part of you as the panty wearing cock sucker that you are. I bet you’re extremely excited to finally get a taste of a real cock. Nothing beats it, I’m telling you now and I very much look forward to hearing about what it felt like for you to guzzle down that big load of warm cum too. You’ll be sucking cock like a pro in no time. Now get in the car and go buy yourself some hot panties for the occasion. I’ll be waiting on my pics.

You want the best sissy trainer don’t you?

best sissy trainer“You want the best sissy trainer don’t you sissy?” I asked my latest little sissy whore and she just shyly shook her head yes while looking down at the floor. “Well if you want the best, you have to be prepared to work hard, now don’t you?” Sissy had nothing to say to that, she was far too embarrassed about how she reacted to having to suck her first dick. She was so rude to the poor man that was actually paying to get his dick sucked and I felt so bad for him that I almost did it myself! You all know that I don’t ever stoop to paid work like that I just collect money from the whores that do but this little whore was making me look bad. She refused to suck his cock until I got so mad that I threatened to drop her as a sissy. I told her that if she didn’t suck this poor man’s cock and give him his money’s worth that I would never see her again. She didn’t want that so finally, she sucked his dick. Once she started she was into it just like I knew she would be, she even swallowed all his cum too like a good girl.

More Time for Sissy Slave Training My Boys

Sissy slave training begins at home. I have two sissy boys. Twins. I have been training them for a few years. As I watched them grow, I knew something was different about them.  They enjoyed playing dress up in mommy’s clothes. They never wanted to wear boy underwear. They liked little cotton panties in pastel colors. They wanted to wear dresses instead of jeans. They did not play like other boys either. They wanted to play with Barbie dolls. They loved the show Hannah Montana. They had zero interest in sports or video games. That is still the same. Now that they are off school until the fall, we have more time for sissy training. I ordered panties and baby doll dresses online for them. I have them watching men fuck me. It is good training for sissies. One of the many uses for a sissy is as a fluffer and clean up bitch. They love the taste of cum. Do you? I had a wild Saturday night. Two black lovers came over and fucked the shit out of me. I am no submissive bitch, but these two brothers tagged teamed me for hours like one. My sissy girls had to sit on their hands and wait for their creamy treats. Mommy was high and loving every inch of those big black cocks in my fuck holes. My sissy girls had little hard clittys in their pretty pink panties. They love watching mommy be a whore. They enjoy black cocks too. These two brothers were gang bangers. Ghetto cock. I slummed. Once they were done fucking my pussy, they put their dicks in my girls’ mouths. Told them to taste mommy’s cunt. They are well-trained sissies. They sucked my cunt juice off those dicks like pros. Then they sucked that black cock seed out of mommy’s pussy. They are the best sissies because mommy is the best sissy trainer.

Such an eager little pet… at first

best sissy trainerMy newest pet was an eager little whore for sure, he messaged me all the time and begged for my company like a little puppy begging for a treat. He practically humped the computer when he was looking at my pictures and he obeyed my every command. But here lately he has been missing in action and I am very disappointed. This little beta boy bitch needs to remember who his Master is and that is ME! I don’t care about his wife, I don’t care that she is cheating on him, that is her right and he needs to deal with that. All I care about is that he continue to worship me as I should be worshiped and if he is going to be a slacker in that regard I will drop him as a pet and leave him with no Master at all. Is that what you want my little beta bitch? You have disappointed me, do not let it happen again or the consequences will be harsh!

Would You Like a Big Fat Cock in Your Man Pussy?

Mistress Phone Sex

You look like you need some training, love. Mistress Francis is just what you need. Let’s start by waxing all the hair off of your legs, underarms, face, ass and your little clitty. Now doesn’t that feel better. I thought so. Just touching your smooth man pussy makes your all worked up doesn’t it. I think I see your little clitty leaking. Awe, that is a really cute little thing. Let’s put on a pair of pretty pink sissy panties now. See how they hug your ass and clitty? I see where your clitty has dribbled a little in them already. Such a bad bad sissy. I will let it slide this time but in the future just know that I will smack your bare ass with a paddle if you leak without permission. You look so sweet in your panties, but you seem to be missing something. Hmmmm… oh yes, a big jeweled butt plug. Come here love and let me stick it right up your man pussy. Doesn’t that feel good? Bend over and let me see. Oh, I like that. Now let’s get to training so we can work on getting some big fat cock up your man pussy. Sound good my sweet little sissy?

Sissy slave training

sissy slave training

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am serious about my sissy slave training. My slave bitches are my top priority. Nothing is more important to me, than training my sluts to be the ultimate sissy whores. My favorite thing to do is to dress my he-hoes up and force them to deepthroat a fat, throbbing cock. Once I see how hard that makes their little bitch clitties, it really gets me wet and excited! I teach all of my whores how to grind and shake their asses like good little sluts, to make all the dicks they tease rock hard. I love to invite a few hung studs over for my whores to ride and bounce on. I teach them how to lift their skirts and hold their tight bitch pussies open to take a hard dick in. The absolute best part, for me, is when they put back on their masculine clothing, at the end of our training sessions. They can fool the rest of the world and go around acting like real men but we know the truth. We know what cock gobbling he-whores they really are!