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Online Sissy Training Lessons

Online sissy training

It’s time for online sissy training lessons sweet sissy sluts.

Before Your little mistress gets into the week want to lay out some lessons for a couple of my sissy sluts. Now One of the first things my sweet sissy boy wants to be will need is some panties. This is not an online shopping activity. I need that sissy hole to be covered by lace, nylon, and silk at all times when not accepting the D. You must go to a store whether it is in the all or an adult bookstore and buy yourself some pretty panties. While in the adult toy store buy yourself some black cock videos and smile really pretty at the cashier and tell her you’re a BBC loving sissy boy. Make sure you tip your pretty cashier. We know that she has to   I also suggest an adult store with an attached arcade for some glory hole fun. But first your panties and BBC videos and taking a couple of days to shave your body completely smooth. I suggest a high-end lady razor. Look at you beginning to be the pretty sissy slut I always knew you could be. My young mistress phone sex pussy is so wet as I eagerly await your progress reports.mistress phone sex


I’ll Train You, Baby

sissy slave training

You keep saying that you want to be a sissy and that you want to serve me, but you keep finding excuses to not do it. Well, that is going to come to an end today. You are going to get on the phone and call me for the beginning of your sissy slave training. I know it might be a little difficult since you’re so defiant, but I have no doubt that I can reign you in and turn you into the sissy slave of my dreams.
I don’t care if it’s against your will. You are going to learn to do everything you need to do to become the perfect woman. Sure, you have to learn to look the part, but it’s much more important that you learn to suck cock. I’ll invite a few of my friends over every day. Oh, and don’t you worry, my sissy slave – I’m not going to get you just any cocks. I will get you the biggest and most delicious cocks you’ve ever seen. And once you master sucking cock, I’ll train you to be able to take huge cocks right in your brand new pussy. Don’t keep denying what you’re meant to be. Call me and I will train you to be the best sissy slut you can be.

Brandie gets a Treat

Sissy TrainingSweet little Brandie has been wearing that cock cage for awhile now and every day I remove it and make her watch some shemale porn. And wouldn’t you know it, her sweet little clitty has remained soft every time. Now, one of the most important things in sissy training is rewarding for good behavior. So, I told Brandie that she had been such a good little sissy lately that I was going to give her the best present ever. Her eyes lit up and she guessed a new butt plug. Nope, I said. I did tell her to remove her current sparkly butt plug and take a nice warm bath, paying special attention to her little man pussy. She practically skipped to the bathroom. I had laid out some silky black panties and a matching bra for her to wear under the most flowy sundress I could find. She looked marvelous. I finished her look with some pretty pink lipstick and off we went. I blindfolded her to not spoil the surprise. Once we arrived, I opened the door and guided her in. I removed the blindfold to reveal the most marvelous sex shop around. Her eyes popped as she checked out all the butt plugs and gigantic dildos. She even stopped to look at the sex machines and picked out a sweet little vibrator for her man pussy. We viewed a few of the peep shows and Brandies little clitty did not even perk up. I told her what a good little sissy she had been, and I had an even bigger reward waiting for her. We walked to the back and through the fire exit door to a magical place. An underground sex club. I told Brandie that since she had kept that little clitty of hers in check all week that she was free to play with anything and everyone that she wanted. She smiled like a little child and practically ran to the glory hole wall.

Sissy was a little whore for me

sissy phone sexI broke in a new sissy last night and it was too much fun. She was dressed like a little whore, short tight black dress with sky high heels and fishnet stockings so I put her right to work. I had her standing on a street corner like a real whore flagging down cars and asking them if they wanted to party. Surprisingly she turned out to be pretty popular! She was a good little dick sucker she swallowed load after load of cum like a good girl too, honestly I was a little impressed. The best part tho was the=at she didn’t hesitate to give me all the money she made, she just handed it right over like a good girl so I turned out a whore and made a tone of money. All in all that is a good night for me! I will definitely need to put her in a regular rotation for me.

Sissy Panties

sissy panties

I have so much fun with my little sissy girls when we play. I love training new bitches to be the perfect little cum whores for me. Dressing them up in their pretty, frilly dresses and little pink sissy panties is my favorite part of playing with them. I love to watch them rub those tiny whore clitties until those silky panties are soaked. One of my favorite things to do is make them wear stockings and tell them how pretty they look. I’m not your average girl. I get so turned on by making you into the true sissy we both know you are! I will dress you up and then feed you cocks one by one until you’re packed full of cum. I might just let my friends come by and fuck your tight little whore hole until you’re a cum soaked mess. Come be my newest play thing and let me make you into the ultimate sissy whore. I promise I will make you into my pretty little pet and take good care of you!

Brandie gets a Cock Cage

Humiliation Phone SexOh, my little sissy Brandie has been naughty again. She was told no shemale porn and no rubbing on her little clitty unless she had permission. So, when I walked in and Brandie was watching shemale porn and rubbing her little clitty, I had no choice but to punish her. I had tried whipping that little clitty with a wooden spoon and tying a pretty pink ribbon around it as a reminder, but apparently nothing could keep her hands off it. The next logical step was the cock cage. I told Brandie to go take a shower and clean extra special down there because it was going to be awhile until she could reach into those little crevices again. She happily jumped up and went to the shower. I just knew she was going to jack off in the shower too. Oh Brandie. I let her know that if I walked in and she was wanking that little clitty of hers that she would get a spanking along with her unknown punishment. I retrieved the cock cage and went to the shower to check on her and sure enough there she stood rubbing one out. I yanked her out by her arm and thankfully her little cock went soft. I didn’t even dry her off before I snapped that cock cage into place, locking it with the key. I then bent her over my knees and spanked her hard with a paddle. She started whimpering as the cage held her little dick down and she couldn’t get hard, she felt only pain. Once that little ass was nice and pink, I stood her up and told her she would wear that cock cage until she learned that her little clitty did not belong to her and she must ask permission to play with it. I then sat that little sissy on a nice soft pink blanket, completely naked, and turned on shemale porn, as tears rolled down her cheek. She will learn to control those urges before I remove the cage, I told her. I turned to leave, and Brandie just hung her head.

Sissy training

Sissy training“Simply pathetic you sissy fairy faggot!” You’ll have to make up for this one and you already know it. My Sissy training is no joke! I don’t give second chances, I don’t tolerate backtalk. You are to submit to me and all I say. Humiliating you is my objection just a small part of your training. There’s plenty of things I will make you do that you never even thought of before. If only your wife could see you now. All dressed up in a frilly girly tutu, matching heels, a bra and panties and of course your makeup and hair done. If you want to be a sissy bitch you have to look the part. I will make you go out in public with me. And we would get our nails done too. We want those hands to look extra feminine while they grip these BBC I have lined up for later! That poor asshole of yours will get fucked till it’s gaping and your mouth will be full of cum and your throat raw from being fucked. Oh and the best part of this all? You literally pay me to do this all to you! So sad for you, but not for me!

How I Became a BBC Sissy Trainer

bbc sissy trainerAsk yourself if you need a BBC sissy trainer for 2020? If you are a sissy or a closet fag, then you need more big black cock in your life. I may not have explained how I became the sissy trainer I am today. Long before I birthed some sissy boys, I was married to a man with a tiny dick. I married for love. Thought I would be okay with his 4-inch dick. He did eat pussy well and had strong fingers. He was aware of his inadequacies and appeared to be committed to overcompensating in other areas. One day, I came home from shopping early. This was before I had a cell phone. He was not expecting me. I caught him in my panties, my black lace garter belt and stockings. Plus, he had one of my dildos up his ass. It was an eye-opening experience. At first, I thought I married a gay man. After we discussed some things, I realized he was just a sissy. My first sissy. We put an ad out on Craig’s List for a black bull to join us. I was thinking this would be a cuckold sort of thing, but it turned my now ex-husband into a black cock faggot and me into a black cock whore. Turns out I married a sissy, but the first taste of black cock made him full on fag. It happens. I started using black cocks for sissy training. Decades later, I am a BBC slut and I have a small army of black cock sissy boys, including my two sons. I have my ex-husband to thank.

He wanted the best sissy trainer

best sissy trainerHe wanted the best sissy trainer so that is exactly what I gave him. I made him change everything about himself until he was no longer a he, I had turned him into a she and a nasty slutty dick sucking woman she was. I made her sell that whore body of hers and I kept all the money. I had her sucking dicks on street corners and fucking men in shitty little motel rooms and you know what? She fucking loved it! She tried to act like she was some kind of good girl and above all the dick sucking and fucking but her little clitty was so hard every single time she did any of that so I knew she was full of shit. She loved being a whore that is why she keeps coming back for more, I mean surely if she didn’t like it she wouldn’t keep coming back right?

Sissie Loves That BBC

BBC Sissy TrainerI know sissies love that BBC as much as I do, but sissies must be trained to control themselves. I am the best BBC sissy trainer there is and I knew I could train Susie. So, I asked my favorite BBC Fred to come over. I dressed Susie in some pretty pink panties and matching lipstick and told him that he was to watch as I played with that big black cock and to never move his eyes from mine. I know this will drive him crazy as he will want to look at that gigantic beast of a dick. I sat Susie down on the floor in my room as I undressed Fred and myself and got down on my knees to admire that big black beauty. My god it is so wonderful. I could see Susie trying to divert his eyes and quickly reminded him that his eyes were to remain on me. Susie watched me take that massive beast deep in my throat as Fred proceeded to fuck my throat hard. As soon as he came in my mouth, I held that giant load without swallowing. Susie had been so good that I motioned him over and opened his mouth and dumped my mouthful of big black cum into his. I made Susie hold it in his mouth until I told him he could swallow. He did so without hesitation, so I wanted to reward Susie. I let Susie clean Fred’s massive, beautiful, black cock with his tongue. I was so excited watching my training being successful that my pussy was getting wet. I think I will take that BBC in my pussy next.

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