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Hardcore Sissy Training

Sissy slave training

Some sissies are harder to break in than others. As a professional sissy slave trainer, I have to learn to crack even the toughest sissies. I love to first break down my sissy fags by dominating them and punishment is the best thing for that. I love the sound that a crack of a whip makes on a sissy fag’s bare ass. The sound makes my cunt so wet when I hear a sissy grunt or groan in pain. I love cock and ball torture too! Making sure that their faggy dicklets and pathetic balls locked up in a tight hold while I pound their ass with the biggest dildos, fuck toys and anal plugs in my arsenal. Tying my sissy slaves up so they can’t move and shoving giant fuck toys in their fag holes while they get their mouths force fucked is the hottest thing a sissy trainer like me enjoys. My sissy cock worshippers are prostituted to the best clients ever and I need them to learn their place.

Stocking CBT for My Sissy

Taboo phone chat

My hooker sissies are my little prized punching bags! I get great sadistic pleasure exposing their faggy cocks to various methods of cruel and sadistic fun. When it comes to training the best sissy faggot hookers, brutality is the way to go! My sissies love getting their sissy faggy cocks slapped around and beaten and I love stuffing their enlarged limp clitties in the tightest fishnet stockings! After sliding the biggest metal butt plug into their fag holes, I love squeezing those balls right through the fishnet and watch them throb and turn purple! My faggy hookers love getting their balls repeatedly kicked and prodded while I have them on their hands and knees tongue and mouth worshipping thick, juicy client cocks! They love gagging on those heavy cocks until they turn as purple as their pathetic ball sacks! It is even better watching them gurgle on those gobs of cum that get shot into their sissy throats. I also get a “kick” out of it too! 😉

I am the best sissy trainer for you

best sissy trainerI am the best sissy trainer for you, yes you the little clitty having bitch boy that thinks he’s soooooo masculine when in reality you are nothing but a wimpy little sissy fairy faggot. You need to be forced into doing what you have so long desired to do because you can’t even man up long enough to be feminized the way you’ve been dreaming of. It’s sad really to try and act all butch like that when no one at all believes it, we all see thru your act and we all know that you long to be in a dress on your knees with a fat cock in your mouth. You need a strong woman like me to take control and force you to submit, force you to get feminine force you to do those dirty things you have been fantasizing about. Stop waiting sissy, it’s time to become what you were meant to be. Trust me you will love it in the end… even if it hurts a little to begin with.

Zoeys Sissy Slave Training XXL


sissy slave training

It is XXL Time for my sissy slave training games! I bought The biggest replica of a Stallion Red rock that I could find. I promptly shipped it to the most fag and small dicked loser I could to begin our slave training. I requested him to deep throat that Horsey Cock Replica until he could be one with that dildo. Then It was lube up and stick it to the wall time. I counted down 3, 2, 1, and he impaled his Pussy on it for me. I love how naked and vulnerable he was for my teen ass! I gave my sissy sub slut a rosebud asshole for a cock that was by far the biggest and worst BBC furry friend dick ha!  If I have this much control when I am young imagine what I will be capable in a few years. By The way, I bought myself one of those dildos too because a girl can’t have too much or too big of a cock to play with!

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Best Sissy Trainer for Femboys

best sissy trainerI am the best sissy trainer for sissies who want to be femboys. In my opinion, you can’t be a sissy girl and not look the part. I had this sissy boy come over this week. I met him on Tinder. He was looking for a sissy mom. He had never done anything real before. He had called sissy women like me in the past, but he never actually met a sissy trainer. When he arrived, he looked like a femboy. He had a feminine physique and overall look, just like my sissy boys. I asked him if he had ever thought of being a woman. I have feminized many a boy. He just needed a femboy trainer. I put a wig on him, dressed him in some sexy lingerie and taught him how to walk. He was a natural. Once I saw that walk, I stopped referring to him with male pronouns. She blossomed before my eyes. It was like having a lesbian girlfriend. I sat on her face and taught her how to eat pussy. I played with her little clitty. It was hard. In my panties, it looked so nice. I was jealous briefly of her svelte body. I was more buxom but gave her some prenatals to start taking to help her feminize her body more. Such a beauty. A natural beauty. She just needs femboy training to be the best girl.

Sissy Tranny Bitch

Mistress phone sexI met a cute sissy tranny through another one of my sissy slut trainers. Donna had been training her for a few months and she wanted to test her sissy tranny with another strong Dominant. Arriving at Donna’s her sissy tranny was already in restraints with a very red ass. Donna had beat her ass for twenty minutes. Giggles that is exactly how many minutes I was late. Suzi had tears in her eyes and I felt my pussy tingle looking at her bright red ass. Donna had her thank me for being late and Suzi whimpered out the words. I patted her head as I walked past her. Donna and I were laughing at the worthless tranny before us. Donna got out her dildoes and toys and the fun began. Suzi took every strike we gave her across her flesh. Her ass opened up wide when we shoved the 13 thick inch blue dildo in. She took the whole thing. We lowered her restraints making her level with our soaking wet pussies. We both sprayed her with our cum and left her in her restraints while Donna and I were fucking each other.

Jerry Zeglier from Pennsylvania is such a sissy bitch

Mistress phone sexJerry Zeglier from Pennsylvania is such a sissy bitch. Robyn introduced us the other night on one of our sex chats phone line and what a pathetic son of a bitch he is. He was trying to tell me what I could do with him and I had to shut that shit down. Like I need his advice on how to use, abuse, or embarrass him. Such a looser to think that he can even talk to me in such a manner as if he was my equal. He pissed me off and all I wanted to do was whip him with my strap. The next time I talk with him he better know his fucking place and learn how to talk to me or I won’t be so lenient on his bitch ass.

Coraline is a BBC Sissy Trainer

bbc sissy trainerMy sissy boys love that I am a bbc sissy trainer. One of my twins told me last night that since black cocks are the biggest cocks around, it is best to suck big black cock before any other cocks. I have a black lover with a cock bigger than either of my sissy sons can handle. Bigger than any of my other sissies can handle too. My hung lover spent some time in prison. He said you either learn to get fucked or you take the fucking. He learned to fuck asses and mouths so he would be King of cell block 8. Now, that prison mentality is ingrained in him. He especially loves fucking white asses and mouths. He doesn’t care about age either which is why he is my perfect sissy training helper. My sons were happy to see him last night. When Trevor walked into my home, he kissed me on the lips then walked over to my pretty little sissies who were dressed up for him. He unzipped his pants and his vine started swinging. My pretty little sissy sluts started grabbing at his big black cock. Once they got it, they kissed it calling him daddy. I told my boys they will never fuck girls. They will only fuck daddies. They have clitty sticks not fuck sticks. I rubbed my pussy and praised myself for being the best sissy trainer. If my boys can worship and satisfy big black cocks, they can make any Daddy happy. Now, it is time to train you to be a good sissy boy too.

Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexI am having so much fun as a sissy phone sex slut. So are my sissy sons. They love hearing about other sissies. The like knowing that they are not the only sissies in the world. There are a lot of sissies in the world. I talk to them daily! They overheard me talking about glory holes to one of my callers. They were full of questions. They didn’t understand what a glory hole was because I had not taken them to one yet because of their age. I wouldn’t be able to get them into the adult bookstore. But my caller told me he goes to the ones in public park restrooms. That made me do some reconnaissance of my local parks.

sissy trainingSure enough I spotted a glory at the “homo” park. It is just a park with a reputation for where gay closeted men go after dark. I dressed my sissy boys up like the pretty girls they can be and took them after dark to the glory hole to suck cock. I told them it was part of their sissy training.  I explained that this was a gay glory hole. They enjoyed that more because they are cock sucking faggot boys. I watched my pretty sissies in a dirty public park bathroom sucking strangers’ cocks and I was so proud of them. Super proud. They made so many horny queers cum. I am sure the fags on the other side thought it was an old fag sucking them off. Nope just my young sissy boy twins. They have the best mommy sissy trainer. I have taught them to suck cock so well that you would think their middle names are Hoover. With their bellies full of cum, we went home and talked about the hot encounter. The next part of their training is going to be big cocks in their back door pussies. This mommy trainer is all about sissy slave training.

sissy slave training

Mistress Phone Sex For Pansy Princesses

Your a pathetic excuse for a male as your just a Pansy Princess in need of Mistress phone sex, and I am just what your sweet ass needs. I don’t care if your ass is pink, red, brown or blue it is mine to own and I will have full ownership of you, slave. I’m the one to bring the pansy panty wearing princess faggot out that has been kept in the closet for too long. I want you to shop for pretty panties and make sure the clerk knows they are for you. You will ask her if they are your color or if she thinks the style is good for you. I will want you to wear pretty silkt panties under your man suit and go about the daily grind of being a useless male, only knowing secretly how much of a sissy you crave to be. I want to help you my pansy princess.

Mistress phone sex

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