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Sissy girl training with Miss Remi!

sissy girl training

Come on ladies!  Sissy girl training starts right now! I hope you’re ready for Miss Remi to turn you into the princess cum slut that we all know you are! It’s what I’m best at, after all. I might be young but I’ve been training little sluts like you for a long time! My mama taught me to be the best trainer there is so that I could turn out the hottest he-whores ever and make good money off of those tight whore holes! Don’t try to resist because that only makes me more eager to put you on the street, selling your slutty little pussy! Everyone knows my sissy whores when they see them! Miss Remi makes all of her sissies wear the hottest and sluttiest outfits. I need you to impress all of these hard cocks I’m going to bring to fuck you. My sissy sluts know how to gag on a cock and give the sloppiest and nastiest blowjobs ever! What my sluts are really known for though, is their perfect tight sissy cunnies and how well they can take a huge hard bull cock! I let my sluts get pounded in their hot little pussy holes and make them take so many loads of cum! Once you start sissy whore training with Miss Remi, you’re going to become the ultimate cum dumpster sissy slut!



Never Lie to Your Phone Dominatrix

phone dominatrixWhen you do not listen to your phone dominatrix, you get your clitty caged. Currently, I have two bad sissies. Both made me promises that they did not keep. In fact, they both tried to lie to me. I require proof of tasks. A simple photo tells me if you did what you were told to do or not. I am not a dumb mistress. I am college educated with a Master’s Degree in Psychology.  You cannot take a photo off the Internet and pass it off as you. I will find it. There are a ton of reverse image finder programs. Both sissies begged me for online sissy training. I took my time to design tasks for them so they could advance and become the best sissies possible. What did they lie about? They told me they went to the glory hole when they did not. Both sent me pictures of them sucking cock, but I found those images on the Internet from years ago. These two sissies do not know each other, but they played the same games. I am a nurturing sissy mom, but lie to me or betray me, you get the cage. I made each loser lying sissy bitch buy a cock cage. They balked of course, but I am not afraid to blackmail an unruly sissy slave.  Most sissies who called me are married or they have corporate type jobs that would laugh them to the unemployment line if they knew what they do behind closed doors. I demanded pictures in their cages. I told them where to get the cages online, so I could verify they purchased them. Each sissy emailed me their receipt copy and a week later, sent me pictures in the exact models they purchased. If you want sissy slave training from me, you must do what you are told. Never lie to a sissy trainer or you will end up on the Internet too.

Punishing Sissy At The Adult Bookstore

Mistress Phone SexOh no Sissy. Tell me it is not true? Did I really just see you playing with your little clitty while you watched shemale porn? Do not try to lie, I can tell by the way you are blubbering and the little wet spot in your sissy panties. Oh honey. You know you must ask to play with that little thing, don’t you? So, come here and let me give you your punishment. Bend over my knee and pull down your pretty satin pink panties so I can see your bare bottom. Now Mistress Francis is going to spank you. You must thank me after each smack. I will be giving you ten. Here we go. One… Oh my Sissy I can feel your clitty getting hard against my leg. You like those spankings don’t you. Hmmmm… I guess we will have to try something else. I have laid out a pretty dress and new panties on the bed. Go put those on, put on your Mary Janes and come back to me. Oh you look so pretty. Now give me your hand and let us go down to the bookstore. I would put you on the glory hole but your little clitty is to small to fit. So, I think I will back your sweet man pussy up to the hole and let them pound it. Do not smile sissy, I will be putting you in a cock cage with little sharp needles in it, just to make sure you do not enjoy yourself. Are you a naughty sissy who needs some training too? Just puck up the phone and let Mistress Francis put you in your place.

Bad Girl Gets Pegged

Bad girls get pegged when they are under Mama Diana’s control with Sissy girl training. My naughty sissy slut slave soiled her pretty little panties while she was humping on a pillow. My little naughty slut was watching mommy Diana take some big cocks and couldn’t help grinding her clitty on her hump pillow. She went squirt in those pretty little pink panties and I made her keep them on while I moved the back of them aside. I had to punish her and peg that sweet little sissy girl pussy. She was whimpering because Mama Diana gives no mercy when bad girls make messes without permission. She was forcefully face fucked by one of those BBC’s that was fucking my milf ass. Yes she has a dirty mouth as well as a dirty bum bum. Sissy got  time out in the corner with no cleaning up because she was a dirty girl.

Sissy girl training

Sissy phone sex

sissy phone sexWild and hot sissy phone sex is my favorite thing to do, when I’m not training my sissy sluts. I’ve been a sissy trainer as long as I can remember. I love to force my sissy sluts into frilly little dresses and lace trimmed panties. I  make them play with their hard clitties for me until they make a big wet spot on those little panties. I give them lessons in dressing and acting like  little sissy whores. I even give my sluts lessons on how to suck a thick cock and drain a man’s balls. Of course they don’t come to me as little sissies. I have to turn them into the perfect little slutty sissy fuck puppets! Once I have trained them on being the perfect fuck toy, I can take them out and sell those slutty holes. I love showing off how dirty my sissy whores are willing to get! Guys know that I train only the very best. That’s why they line up and wait just to get a chance with one of my sluts! 

He Loved Being a BBC Slut

This sexy fiend of mine came to me wanting to watch me take cock. He didn’t want to watch me take just any cock either. He wanted to see a nice juicy big black cock penetrate my trashy Milf pussy. He knew I was a BBC sissy trainer but wouldn’t let that known to me. He was shy about it at first. I let him watch me as long as he wore my panties while doing so. I made him come close and get a good view of that black snake sliding it’s whole 10 inches inside of my wet mommy pussy. He was rubbing his little peepee and creaming those panties with his little nub almost instantly. Just a few thrusts of that BBC in my cunt and it glistening with my pussy juices was driving him mad. He eagerly took it into his mouth when told. I commanded that he pull it from my cunt and start sucking it. He is now a total sissy slut to BBC.

BBC Sissy Trainer

Humiliation and Sissy Slave Training From Zoey

sissy slave training

I really thought he might have had a little man meat being as he was a mixed man. I gave him a shot but soon would be adding him to my sissy slave training Harem! Maybe I had smoked on too many bowls and missed the small dick signs. This quarantine has really impacted my BBC fucking. Daddy took us out to the holiday house, and I have been doing everything to make him my sissy bitch like he needs to be. When I got my hands-on Hector the guy who keeps the house up while we were away I thought I would be getting good dick. As soon as I laid back and he pulled this fucking pathetic excuse for even a clitty out I told him to step the fuck back, my fingers can fuck my self better. Something in me snapped and I pushed him to his knees and smacked his face. Don’t ever disrespect this young bitch! I needed to be fucked in the worse way, but my 9-inch purple strap would be good to dick down my newest slave. I made sure to gap his ass and make him call some of his buddies from the country, I would be getting good dick as I fucked another sissy. Oh, and I made sure daddy knew that I had a new bitch boy. He was so jealous!

Milk machine torment

sissy phone sex

I love seeing my heels against your face. Your little clitty is so hard when I’m rough with you. I have lots of fun toys. I want to tie your pretty little self up and hook you up to my milker. I want it to suck and tug on your little clitty and milk you dry! I love using my milking table. Strapping you in tight with all my restraints. Pulling out my fun little prostate vibrator and rubbing your p-spot while i have my milker turned to max, not letting it up as you cum over and over again begging me to stop. But you and i both know i won’t do it, i am gonna milk that little bitch cock dry until you beg and break down using that safe word.

More Time for Sissy Slave Training My Boys

Sissy slave training begins at home. I have two sissy boys. Twins. I have been training them for a few years. As I watched them grow, I knew something was different about them.  They enjoyed playing dress up in mommy’s clothes. They never wanted to wear boy underwear. They liked little cotton panties in pastel colors. They wanted to wear dresses instead of jeans. They did not play like other boys either. They wanted to play with Barbie dolls. They loved the show Hannah Montana. They had zero interest in sports or video games. That is still the same. Now that they are off school until the fall, we have more time for sissy training. I ordered panties and baby doll dresses online for them. I have them watching men fuck me. It is good training for sissies. One of the many uses for a sissy is as a fluffer and clean up bitch. They love the taste of cum. Do you? I had a wild Saturday night. Two black lovers came over and fucked the shit out of me. I am no submissive bitch, but these two brothers tagged teamed me for hours like one. My sissy girls had to sit on their hands and wait for their creamy treats. Mommy was high and loving every inch of those big black cocks in my fuck holes. My sissy girls had little hard clittys in their pretty pink panties. They love watching mommy be a whore. They enjoy black cocks too. These two brothers were gang bangers. Ghetto cock. I slummed. Once they were done fucking my pussy, they put their dicks in my girls’ mouths. Told them to taste mommy’s cunt. They are well-trained sissies. They sucked my cunt juice off those dicks like pros. Then they sucked that black cock seed out of mommy’s pussy. They are the best sissies because mommy is the best sissy trainer.

Mistress Francis is Watching You

Mistress Phone SexSissy PantiesHey, my little sissy slut. You wearing your sissy panties like Mistress Francis told you to? You better be. Now let us play. I want you to pull now your panties and play with your little clitty. Rub it nice and soft and see if we can get that little thing to grow just a little. I can imagine you are moaning a little now, are you not? Ok now when your clitty starts to leak I need you to stop. Very good. Now go grab that big fat dildo from your toy drawer. Oh, that is big baby. Rub that little clitty leakage all over the tip, just like that. Now stick your sissy ass up in the air, spread your cheeks and ram it into your man pussy. Do not be gentle and do not go slow. I want you to force it in there. Yes, like that. I imagine you look so cute with your panties around your ankles, your clitty leaking and that big thick dildo sticking out of your man pussy. Now you little cock slut I want you to ride that dildo, taking it deep and fast. Keep going. I see your clitty leaking again and you are moaning so loud. Now stop. Oh, you look so sad. Did you really think that I would let you cum that easy? Of course, I would not. So, my little sissy boy, you put everything away and do not touch yourself again until Mistress Francis gives you permission. And remember no touching that little clitty either or I will know, and you will be punished.