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Sissy Slave Training and Punishment

sissy slave trainingSissy slave training with me is a special treat. That special treat is often in my pussy! I had a wild night last night. Three of my black lovers were over to fuck me. Now, my sissy sons were there and one of my real-time sissies too. This sissy was a naughty sissy. He worked his way on to my naughty list. He is in a cock cage. I am his mistress and his little clitty belongs to me. He doesn’t have a say when he touches himself. He can’t be trusted. He is a chronic masturbater. I paid him a surprise visit yesterday. I was checking up on him. He was not in his panties nor his cage. I made him put both back on then I drove him to my place for his punishment. If you have never been caged, you might not realize that getting an erection in one is very painful. I made him watch three black studs worship my body. I took away his spare key. I know how much he loves watching me with big black cocks. He is one of my many black cock sissy boys. I am the best sissy trainer for black cock faggots. My little BBC fag was in pain watching me take three huge black cocks. Once I was filled up with cum, I made him clean me up. Not only did he have to clean up the cum from my cunt, but he had to clean my pussy cream off those big black cocks too. Okay. Maybe I didn’t really punish him.

I’ll Be Your Mistress

mistress phone sex

I love it when I get calls for mistress phone sex. There are some men out there who just aren’t getting what they need from their wives and I am always more than happy to provide it for them. Are you one of those men? I’m sorry. She really should be fucking you more often. Do you even remember the last time she let you touch her? You probably don’t. But she still expects you to provide for all of her needs and everything she wants. That’s not fair. So why don’t you come to me and let me take care of you?
I’ll never tell you no when you’re in the mood to fuck. I love the fact that you want me and I’m so grateful for it. It makes me happy to be able to take care of a big, strong man like you. You have needs and I know how to take care of those. And there’s something so sexy about sneaking around behind her back. You will be so much happier and she’ll think that you’ve finally accepted that she’s just never in the mood. But the reality is that you found someone to take care of you better than she ever could. Are you ready to be with me now?

Are You A Sissy Phone Slut For Me!

Sissy Phone

Once you go black you never go back. That Is the phrase that plays in my head as my latest sissy phone slut complains that she is worried that the more cock she sucks the more she will stop wanting to have sex with women. I laugh and ask if that is really the worse thing since she has the cutest nub in her panties. No self-respecting woman wants that nubbin inside her. I almost snort as I tell my pretty sissy that no woman can feel her nub of a cock and when she is making love to a woman she is a lesbian scissoring and rubbing her clitty. Now I know plenty of bi girls who would love to fuck that hung black neighbor alongside my pretty clit packing sissy slut. Rubs clits together and get all worked up and share a mammoth Black veiny cock together. Her fears of never going back to pussy are not relevant. She never was a he and might as well put her legs in the air and let her ass pussy get rammed the way God meant it be!





Put Your Panties On

sissy panties

I am totally in the mood for some sissy phone sex. So, I want you to get your sissy panties on and give me a call. And speaking of panties, I think we should have a whole discussion about them. The first thing I want to know is when you started wearing panties. Did you always know you were meant to be a sissy slut? Or did you find some panties in the hamper at jerk off with them? And then that turned into wearing them and you just decided that you loved it? I want all the juicy details!

So, do you have a favorite style of panty? I don’t know if I do – I guess it just depends on what mood I’m in when I get dressed. All I know is that knowing I have a sexy pair of panties on under my clothes makes me feel so beautiful and naughty. Does it do the same to you when you wear your panties under your clothes to work? Or maybe to a family event? Oh! Maybe you even wear your panties to church. Now that is incredibly naughty! I want to hear all about things like that so put on your panties and let’s play.

The BBC Sissy Trainer You Need

You have come a long way into accepting the fact that you are just a naughty little Sissy faggot and you need to be owned by big black cock. I need you to be blacked and service that black mamba like it’s meant to be, worship it. You are an inferior little slave and need to learn your place. You need to feel confident in the fact that you are meant to be enslaved to the black beast. The king cock is your Master and I am the Mistress that will train you to be just a perfect little Sissy slut slave that the Black King will want amongst his peasants. Small cocks belong in cages and should never be referred to as a cock, it’s not a dick. What you have is a swollen little clitoris and that is not meant to penetrate anything. That clit is meant to be covered in pretty panties and left alone. You are lucky if that King cock allows you to worship at his alter and service his beastly beautiful cock.

BBC Sissy trainer

Phone Domination Sissy Trainer

phone dominationPhone domination calls are my favorite. I love dominating little sissy bitches like you. Many sissies don’t have a dominatrix in their lives. And they all need one. Sissie can’t be trusted. They can’t be left to their own devices. Sissies need the structure a sissy trainer can offer. I took a new sissy this week. Paul is now Paula. Without adult supervision, he was stroking his cock a 100 times a day. A chronic masturbator. Most sissies are chronic masturbators because women won’t fuck them. Therefore, they feel like they must masturbate whenever they can because no woman will touch their pathetic little clitties. The first thing I did with Paula was put her under lock and key. I keep chastity belts around for just an occasion. A sissy needs to learn that cumming is a privilege to be earned. No sissy with me as their trainer can touch their clit whenever she wants. If a sissy like Paula has no self-control and won’t stop touching her clit, then I lock up her clit. I own my sissies. If you are my sissy, you don’t shit without my permission. Paula was not happy with my rules. She came to me to be dressed and trained, not owned.  That is not how it works. You want the best sissy trainer, you are an owned sissy. I own my sissies mind, body and clitty. Paula didn’t want to stop touching her pathetic clit stick, so I locked her up. She now has 90 days to earn the privilege of an orgasm.  Sissies earn privileges by licking my pussy, eating my ass and doing various chores for me. They can get demerits too for not eating me to an orgasm and fucking up chores. If you want to earn the privilege of cumming, then you need to do as you are told or don’t seek me as your trainer.

Show Me Your Panties

sissy panties

You find yourself here because of your newfound addiction to sissy panties. Just how many pairs do you have, I wonder. Or maybe your collection is just now beginning. Perhaps you’ve just recently decided to go for it and purchase your first pair. Regardless of the details, you’ve come to the right place! Playing dress up with a little sissy bitch like you is one of my favorite pastimes. Well it’s something I do a little fuller time these days to be honest. You wouldn’t believe how many men, who have very important roles in their day to day lives love to come to my chambers and torture rack for a little sexual freedom and release. If you’re here, it’s probably because you have so many pressures and day to day responsibilities that you’d like so much to relinquish your power over to a professional like myself. Look no further, sissy boy. I’m here to help.

As I mentioned, there are countless ways we can explore this avenue. My collection is rather extensive. From makeup to nail polish to hair products etc. I also have many gentlemen on call who would be more than happy to come help me turn you into the sissy boy you’ve always wanted to be.

Training Begins

sissy slave training

You think that you’re the man, don’t you? It’s more than being secure in your masculinity, you’re insecure for others that pale in comparison. You have the nicest car, the biggest cock, the biggest loads and you are irresistible. I’m going to put you into sissy slave training. That’s right, now you’re not only god’s gift to women you’re god’s gift to women in six-inch stilettos. Now you will entertain me, and you will do so as my bitch. If your cock was anything to celebrate you wouldn’t have to talk it up so much and you know it.

You are very fortunate to have found me so that I can get you what you need. You are pathetic and weak, and you need to be molded into something that will make your presence tolerable. I think that would be becoming my sissy slave. Say goodbye to freedom of choice and say farewell to life as a man at all. We have a lot to train for, gang bangs, cum swallowing competition, dusting with a feathered butt plug, walking in a corset. It’s going to be an experience for you, as a new sissy. Your training is about to begin.



Good Lil Piggy

BBC sissy trainer

I’m actually kind of proud of you, my little cock loving, pay piggy.

The other day when I locked you up in your little sissy cage and forced you to watch your mistress get fucked 3 times over by 3 different big black cocks, you kept your pathetic mouth shut just as I instructed you to.

That little tiny cock of yours was so hard though, wasn’t it? You were squirming so much. I know just how badly you wanted a chance to be face fucked by one or all of those gorgeous, dark skinned Adonis’s. But the great news was that once they finished filling my pretty pussy up with loads of thick, creamy cum, I came over to you and fed you your reward. The way your tongue and lips sucked and slurped, you’d think you hadn’t eaten in weeks! The way you snort and gobble it up like a fucking pig just makes me laugh incredibly hard.

You sure are a cum greedy little sissy, aren’t you?


Sissy slave training in public

sissy slave trainingI saw the look on your face when I came out of the changing room, my boy toy just behind me fresh out of a session of sissy slave training, face completely covered in my pussy juice, his face burning with shame and humiliation. You tried to look disgusted. But you weren’t. You wanted to be him, on your knees, nose buried in my cunt, forced to eat me out for hours until your jaw hurts and you pass out from the lack of air. You want a woman like me to take over for you, tell you who to fuck, when to fuck, and how to fuck. You want female domination. Well, it’s your lucky day, slave. I’m going to give it to you, and you’re going to like it.

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