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BBC Sissy Trainer

bbc sissy trainerI am a bbc sissy trainer, a mommy and a size queen. Sometimes, I get to combine all my skill sets with one pathetic loser. Timmy wanted a mommy. He wanted to satisfy mommy. The problem was Timmy has a clitty not a dickie. No boy can please a mommy, not even his mommy, with a 2-inch nub. A mother’s love doesn’t cover that lol. When I told Timmy he had to watch me with a real man, he made a scene. Clearly, Timmy had me mistaken for someone else because you cannot guilt me or bully me into fucking you if you have a small dick. I don’t ride the pity train. Timmy got an education he didn’t want. He got fucked by a big black cock in his backdoor pussy. Hard too. So hard, he was crying like a sissy bitch. Timmy had no grasp on reality. There are two kinds of men in this world. Men who can fuck me and men who can’t. Timmy was not fucking me under any circumstance. I let my hung black lover give Timmy the fuck he wanted. Well maybe not the fuck he wanted but the fucked he needed. Let me be clear here losers. Just because I am a sissy phone sex slut doesn’t mean I have to fuck you. It doesn’t mean you get to cum either. I am in charge and if you are a reluctant or disrespectful sissy, you get fucked. I always have a stud on hand to help train sissies late to the game.

BBC Sissy Trainer For Submissive Sluts

Look at your little bitty dicklet trying to grow as it gets all excited and swollen when you see a BBC in your future. You start fixating on how you can please it the best and really wish you could be the best little sissy BBC sucker you desire being. Well we can train you to be a little white bitch cock sucker of big black dicks that will gag you. The best thing is to feel a big cock grow in your mouth as you are sucking it, the feeling of it’s girth and awesome veins stuffing your whore mouth. Now imagine sucking it like a good whore, bob your head up and down on it, that’s right, it’s ok to get sloppy and really worship that superior cock. The best part of our training is when you finally take a real BBC all in your slut hole.

BBC Sissy Trainer

I ruined his life

sissy phone sexWell I finally had to do it, I had to ruin a little sissy bitch’s life because she didn’t respect me the way she should have. She was rude and disrespectful and she demanded things from me even tho she was beneath me! I will absolutely never be treated like that from some little sissy faggot so I took all the pictures I had of her being a little whore and I posted them all online where I knew her family and employers would see. Whoo boy did shit hit the fan! Her mother called her a disgrace, her boss called her a faggot and now everywhere she goes there are men telling her to suck their cocks. It has really improved her attitude a whole lot, now she is respectful and she begs for my attention instead of demanding it. I have her sucking dick for money on a local street corner too so she is able to make some money. She has learned what happens when you piss me off, trust me it is not a lesson you want to have to learn so be good girls and you won’t have to.

Sissy Phone Sex Loser

sissy phone sexSissy phone sex is what you need if you have a small dick. See this pie in my hand? It is the only kind of pie you can fuck with a little willy. No pussy pie for small dick losers ever. I had a man over last night for dinner. I baked a fresh fruit pie and everything. He presented himself as something he wasn’t. We met online and clicked. He told me he had a huge dick. He sent me a photo, but I had no idea if that was really him or not. I did a reverse image search of the pic he sent me, and nothing came up, so I was hopeful he did have a huge cock. I wasn’t trusting what he said. So, the first thing I did when he arrived was make him prove it. He pulled out a 5-inch cock. I don’t do 5-inches in any of my holes. I knew it. I let the possibility of a hot fuck cloud my judgment. He was acting proud of his shrimp dick. Dude needed a wake-up call and I was just the sissy trainer to give it to him. I tossed him a pair of my panties and told him to put them on. He was not fucking me. He was not getting blown. He was not getting fed. Date was cancelled. It was time for some forced feminization. He fought me at first, but I overpowered him. Pitiful.  He was a disgrace to the male gender. I handcuffed his hands behind his back and tied his feet together. That way I could sissify him. I put him pink ruffled panties and a blonde wig. I put some lipstick on him, and I called over a real man. A real man who loves to fuck my sissies. Now that loser knew what a real cock was. I made him suck a foot-long cock and clean my pussy up after I did. Maybe he will learn to tell the truth next time.

My 2 Sexy Friends and Locker Room Humiliation Phone Sex

humiliation phone sex

It was a humiliation phone sex story cum to life. Sexy Janie and Hottie Lacey and I were working out and spotted a man who we had heard rumors about. We started giggling and Lacey said, “It can’t be that small can it”. Lacey was running on the treadmill and pointed as her tits bounced up and down. “There he goes into the steam room lets go find out!” I grabbed my towel and told them I would be in soon I had something to set up. See I knew the rumors were true. And I had a hot BBC and big cock surprise I needed to attend too. My pussy was wet at the thought of my plans.


BBC Sissy trainer

Now my sexy friend Janie loves Black cock, I’m making her a BBC sissy trainer on the sly. And I got back, and I walked right up to the small cock rumor guy and I and my girls started asking him if the things we heard were true. *Giggles* I walked right up and grabbed his towel and Lacey shrieked with laughter. It’s a gherkin! Janie was bent over with laughter as she said the can of Vienna sausages was missing one! It was then we stripped naked and went ta asking him if that was why he wore his underwear in the locker rooms and he fully admitted he was jealous and turned on by those big cocks on the locker room. I underestimated my hot bitches because they produced some sissy panties and fishnets to put our small dicked friend into.


sissy panties

It was my time to shine! I put small cock on his knees and had my sexy hot bitches unlock the locker room door. Five big black men came inside in nothing but their underwear. We had a blast forcing him to kiss those fat cocks and measure his teeny clit stick up against real men! I held his head as Janie and Lacey force-fed him those anaconda cocks and jerked them off on to his pathetic sissy face! We had such a blast we can’t wait to do again!


Little sissy bitch learned a lesson

sissy phone sex This little sissy bitch came to me expecting a sweet little sissy mistress but that little bitch came to the wrong place for that! I am a bitch with a capital B. I am not here to coddle you and hold your wittle hand, I am here to pimp your lil boi pussy out and make you my whore! You will dress up and look the part and then you will be choking on cocks. None of this I wanna be a girl but I won’t do girly thing bullshit here, if you want to look like a girl you will be a whore. You are my little bitch, my slut, I own you and you will do whatever I say or you will be punished is that clear? Don’t make me repeat myself I expect to be obeyed no questions asked. Trust me, you don’t want to get on my bad side.

sissy training my stepdad

sissy training

I caught my stepdad going thru my panty drawer. I thought about all the ways to get even. I hated that the pervert was getting excited thinking about me. I know I am irresistible, but It peeved me so much. I wanted to get even more than anything. Since the old geezer was such a grotesque fucker trying to steal my panties, I was going to show him who is boss. I made sure sissy training was something that was going to be in his future. My thoughts were all on him and making sure he was going to be my little bitch. I confronted him, and he denied. Thankfully I had my footage and showed it to him. He couldn’t say much, but then he became my sissy bitch, and all I said was what went. I had him by his pathetic balls.

Sissy Training for Reluctant Sissies

sissy trainingSissy training takes on many forms. I have this one sissy with such a small cock she can’t even please herself. I like to get pleasure from my sissies occasionally. Most sissies don’t have cocks; they have clits; however, they can satisfy me with fingers and tongues. This sissy is still learning how to please. I was horny and disappointed in her cunt licking skills. So, I put a strap-on black dildo on my sissy and rode it until I came. She just laid there like a dead fish. This sissy needed so much training and work. She came to me through a friend. Most sissies I have in my charge, want to learn. They feel lucky to have the best sissy trainer working with them. This sissy was apathetic, and it was pissing me off. So, after I rode that black cock strap-on to a deep orgasm, I put on the strap-on that just made me cum and pegged my sissy’s ass using only my cunt cream as lube for her pathetic back door pussy. Some sissies are just too apathetic and difficult. If you want to learn to be a good sissy, you need to put in some effort. You need to be grateful. I don’t like to be a punisher, but I have no problem pegging some respect into challenging sissies. This sissy just needed a good pegging to wake her up out of her coma. After that, she was licking my ass, eating my pussy, dressing up and cleaning my house like a good sissy maid.

Forced Sissy Training For Sissy Son

Mommy caught Sissy son in her closet again watching as I was taking some fine BBC after work. I tend to bring home a guy or two late at night after bartending at the strip-club and being the mommy whore I am I can rarely resist some hard cock for a night cap. This Sissy son of mine was in for some forced sissy training because he was so naughty. All dressed up in mommy’s naughty lingerie with his sissy boy clit covered in white cream inside mommy’s panties she slipped off when she got home. I was already taking a couple of loads from the two guys I came home with on the way here, and these panty’s were filled with the cum juices from mommy’s fuck. My little Sissy son snuck those panties off the floor while mommy was giving hummers to those 2 BBC cocks. Naughty sissy’s get their delicious punishment of a BBC in their sweet puckered sissy cunts, whether they are ready or not. My Sissy son was not expecting that and she took her punishment of BBC in her virgin hole quite well. Are you next?

Forced sissy training

Little crybaby sissy got punished

sissy phone sexThere is nothing I despise more than a little crybaby sissy bitch, seriously pull yourself together! It is ridiculous that a little bitch boy like you would cry when confronted with your lack of masculinity, did you really think a little lisping wimpy little shit like you ws in any kind of way masculine??? You are short, you weigh less than I do, your cock is so small it may as well be called a clit and somehow you think you are a man? Ummm no one thinks you’re manly sweetie. We all see what you are and the fact that sucking a huge cock make your little clitty throb… yeah that makes you a little bitch so put on your dress and quit all that whining! No one likes a whiny bitch least of all me so just suck it up buttercup and get ready to be my little sissy whore. You’ll be working hard for me all night long whether you want to or not!

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