Phone Domination Sissy Trainer

phone dominationPhone domination calls are my favorite. I love dominating little sissy bitches like you. Many sissies don’t have a dominatrix in their lives. And they all need one. Sissie can’t be trusted. They can’t be left to their own devices. Sissies need the structure a sissy trainer can offer. I took a new sissy this week. Paul is now Paula. Without adult supervision, he was stroking his cock a 100 times a day. A chronic masturbator. Most sissies are chronic masturbators because women won’t fuck them. Therefore, they feel like they must masturbate whenever they can because no woman will touch their pathetic little clitties. The first thing I did with Paula was put her under lock and key. I keep chastity belts around for just an occasion. A sissy needs to learn that cumming is a privilege to be earned. No sissy with me as their trainer can touch their clit whenever she wants. If a sissy like Paula has no self-control and won’t stop touching her clit, then I lock up her clit. I own my sissies. If you are my sissy, you don’t shit without my permission. Paula was not happy with my rules. She came to me to be dressed and trained, not owned.  That is not how it works. You want the best sissy trainer, you are an owned sissy. I own my sissies mind, body and clitty. Paula didn’t want to stop touching her pathetic clit stick, so I locked her up. She now has 90 days to earn the privilege of an orgasm.  Sissies earn privileges by licking my pussy, eating my ass and doing various chores for me. They can get demerits too for not eating me to an orgasm and fucking up chores. If you want to earn the privilege of cumming, then you need to do as you are told or don’t seek me as your trainer.


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  1. Sissy Bitch

    I am a Pethick little sissy boy here for you Mistress. May I kiss your feet?

  2. Billy

    Such A Good Mommy Sissy Trainer make me cummies lots, thank you!

  3. Darren

    I’m hungry for your pretty fat pussy honey.

  4. Justin

    sexy trainer

  5. Slave Steve

    Own me please Mistress

  6. francine

    i would like to be your sissy please

  7. brad

    You are the best sissy trainer ever. I love you.

  8. JoeJoe

    Dominate me, mistress.

  9. Troy

    Dominate me please, baby!

  10. John

    Coraline I have been such a good sissy for you. Please let me cum next time we talk?

  11. Mathew

    I love it when you dominate me babe

  12. Grant

    I’ll be your sissy mistress

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