Online Sissy Training for Boys Who Want to Be Girls

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training is so much fun. I get to help you be the best sissy you can be. I get to hear all about your sissy life or sissy fantasies. I am a nurturing sissy trainer. I listen to your limits. I listen to your fantasies. I can be a dominant sissy trainer when sissies are naughty. I prefer to be a loving, nurturing mommy, however. I had a long sissy gfe call the other night and after I concluded the call, one of my sissy girls wanted to ask me a few questions. She overhead me talking to a sissy who is pretty much a girl. She believes she is in the wrong body and identifies as a woman instead of a man. She has a clit. She has a pussy. She likes to look pretty. My sissy asked me if she could live as a girl too. I assured her that I was raising her and her sister to be girls. They are more my daughters anyway. They wear dresses. They wear make-up. They get their nails and toes done. They have long hair. They look like girls. They act like girls. Next year, the school they will attend will let them use the girl’s bathroom. I can even register them as girls. I think gender identity is fluid. We are sometimes born in the wrong bodies but should be able to live the life we want and have the body we want too. My sissies were born genetically male, but there is nothing male about them. Not in attitude, not in appearance, not in dick lol. I nurtured them to be the perfect little girls they are today. I can do the same for you too. I am the best sissy trainer for boys who want to be girls.


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  1. Seth

    Coraline is the sexiest sissy trainer around.

  2. Sissy Timmy

    I am in need of a sexy Goddess like you to train me. I am an undisciplined sissy.

  3. Sissy Nan

    My Sissy Mommy, You are always the best at helping this sissy girl cummies….

  4. gerald

    You have some nice tits! Makes me want to suck on them.

  5. Vince

    I’m a nasty boy who wants to be a girl will you train me?

  6. sissyboysteve

    i wish u could train me

  7. Mike

    Fucking Fantastic Voice!

  8. Lea

    make me your sissy faggot

  9. Lee Gooding

    Mmmm look at those tits, WOW!

  10. Jonny

    I love ur tits.

  11. Mark

    You are the best sissy trainer for me!

  12. Lee Gooding

    I love a little hair with my pussy

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