My Daughter and I Love Sissy Slave Training

sissy slave training My daughter and I love sissy slave training you. My daughter is not of the right age to join me on calls, but she helps me with my real-time sissies, especially my sons. My daughter is a great sissy slut trainer. She is a high schooler, but she is already a size queen and a sissy slut trainer. I have been super busy on the phone this week. Honestly, I have never been this busy on the phone before. I guess the holidays are bringing the sissies out of the closets. With me being so busy, my real-time sissies have felt neglected. I don’t want that happening, so I told my daughter to fill in for me. A sissy trainer can be of any age. She is a hot teen girl and she has a love for humiliation and big cock. She takes after her mama. I finished a long call last night and went looking for my daughter. I couldn’t find her, so I checked the sissy training room. Curious what that is? I have a room in my house for sissy training. It has all the toys, equipment and clothes needed for me to be the best sissy trainer. I found my daughter there pegging the ass of one of my long-term sissies. He was wearing a frilly dress and she had on the black dildo. She was going a mile a minute on his ass and giggling with joy. It was a proud mama moment. My daughter may not have the years of experience that I do, but she is just as good of a sissy trainer as me. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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