I will break you

Forced feminization

My motto is, “All men can be broken.” I’ve yet to find a man that I couldn’t wear down and turn into my own personal pussy licking pet. I never let my subs fuck me, instead they get to lick my pussy clean after I’ve fucked real men. I make them wear cock cages, butt plugs, my dirty panties, and of course, a full face of make. No sissy is good without whore red lipstick and eyeshadow when they’re down on their knees serving me. One of my best subs is a rich business man with lots of money and power, except for when he’s in my bedroom. In my bedroom he’s my pet. I have him sucking cock and keeping the real men who I let fuck my pussy nice and hard for me. He might be wearing a suit to work, but only I know that underneath it he’s wearing a full set of lingerie. Stockings, garter, bra, and of course, a pair of tight lacy panties over his chastity cage. He was a tough cookie, but I broke him eventually, just like I’ll break you too.

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