Forced sissy training for Bobbi

forced sissy trainingForced sissy training was just what a little bitch boy named Bobbi needed. He was this tiny man with a very slight frame and a dick so small that it looked like a clit.He spelled his name like a girl, he had a clit like a girl, a tiny body like a girl… so he should be a she don’t you think? He claimed that he didn’t want to, he cried and whined and bitched the whole way thru but when he became a she? Well all that bitching and whining stopped as soon as she really looked at herself for the first time. She was suddenly eager to be the girl she was meant to be. I had to show her what it was like to be a real sissy whore so I invited a few friends over to help me. Sissy was reluctant to do my bidding, she didn’t want to suck dick and have her little pussy violated but if she was going to be a girl she really needed to learn how to do those things. I made her get on her knees and open wide so she could suck her first dick, she was crying so hard honestly it was a bit ridiculous! I was sick or her bitching over things that we all do so I just let my friends have at her. They fucked her hard and deep and all that crying stopped, she was way too busy taking care of all those cocks. She finally relaxed enough to enjoy being a little sissy whore, It just proves that I am always right and she should always just do what I say to do! I have a feeling that she still hasn’t really learned her lesson just yet, I’m sure that there will be many more to come.


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  1. cole

    that body needs to be fucked!

  2. Adam

    I am a lowly loser. You are a goddess

  3. Richard

    Yes Mistress I am here to obey you like my Goddess.

  4. Lil SLut

    Make me a slut for black cock mommy

  5. Adam

    I’ve found my favorite phone mistress. This is like the 5th time I’ve called her and it gets better every time.

  6. David

    I want to be your perfect little sissy…

  7. Paul

    Such A hot sissy trainer! Yess anything for you Mistresss

  8. sissy

    will You be my Mistress please?

  9. Greg

    I’m so hot for you my love.

  10. julien

    i’m your sissy fag

  11. Gabe

    This made me so hard!

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