Femboy Training

Femboy training

Femboy training is my fucking favorite. Only the sissiest fucking fags can be in my little sissy boy harem and boy do I love to play dress up with my little faggies. I love caging their little dicklets with a cute pink cock cage, and dress them up in the frilliest, sissy maid outfits and pretty pink flower girl dress. My sissies must wear fishnet stockings or nylons or pantyhose and mary jane flats for me at all times! Toying with my precious faggie’s boy pussies with my thick black strap-on while they are dressed up for me is the best. I love gaping their sissy fag fuck hole while their femboy dickie is twitching around in their girly pink cage! Haha! Milking that faggot prostate with my strap on is so much fun. Watching that sissy juice drip down that femboy cage is hilarious. My sissy femboys are only allowed to cum when I say that they are allowed to cum. First, I want them to beg! 😉


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  1. Sissy Kim

    I’ll be your femboy and you can train me anytime

  2. Adam

    mistress i beg you to teach me to be a slut! oh, mistress!

  3. sissy

    you’re such a good femboy trainer

  4. Greg

    Make me your little sissy bitch

  5. Phillip

    Let me lick your cunt all night long.

  6. Sissyman

    Be my mistress please

  7. Sissy Brian

    I need femboy training, mistress.

  8. sissyboi

    can i be ur sissy??

  9. Johnny

    Would you make me wear a cock cage under my panties, mistress?

  10. Shane

    I am a little dick bitch.

  11. Sissy Sam

    So I’m a sissy, so what! Bailee totally gets me. I love the BBC any way I can get it.

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