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sissy maid training

I love toying around with my sissy maid faggots. Especially after getting them all dolled up in pink frilly uniform with teeny lace apron, stockings and heels! My sweet sissy maids love to wait on me hand and foot! They do whatever I say, no matter what the request is. I love getting these maid sluts into the messiest situations! First, I start by having those sissy fuck fags get railed out by my trusty fuck machine until their assholes are nice and gaped wide open. Once my sissies are nice and stretched open, I love having juicy thick cocks unloading their sticky hot cum inside of all my sissy’s faggy buttholes! They love having their assholes gaped and stretched! But this little hobby of ours can get so messy. Luckily, I have a few cum bucket sissy maids who I put in charge of cleanup. I call my little cleanup crew over to slurp the hot cum out of those used up assholes until their bellies are full!

Sissy Phone Sex Fun

sissy phone sexSissy phone sex is the most fun a woman like me can have! I am amazed still that I have a job like this. I am a real-life sissy mom. I love turning men into the sissies they were meant to be. I also like talking to real sissies. I find it enjoyable to hear how other sissies have been raised and their experiences. Some sissies are for daddies and some are just for mommies! My two sissy boys are for both. I have raised them to take care of me sexually. They eat mommy’s pussy and ass. They take care of their sister too. They do the housework and help with our beauty. By that I mean they give us pedicures and manicures, even do our hair and make-up on date nights. My sissy boys also make money for my daughter and me. I pimp out their sissy holes to rich daddies who like young sissies. At a certain age you can’t tell the difference between boys and girls. A tight backdoor pussy feels the same as a front door one!  My pretty angels entertained a super wealthy daddy last night. He wanted them both and paid well for them both. Their sweet young holes got fucked for hours. They still have cum inside of them. Today, however, is about me and my daughter. My sissy boys are prepping to watch us get some big black cock. Sissies are so versatile. Are you a good sissy or do you need sissy training?

Sissy Training on the 4th

sissy trainingMen call me for sissy training all day long. I don’t know why women don’t want to have a sissy. I love it. Every woman should have their own sissy. They will do anything you ask or want. They make the perfect maids. My sissy boys are well trained by me, their mommy. I had a little 4th of July cookout this afternoon. My sissy boys were the ones serving drinks and food. They also doled out blowjobs and cunt licks. Whatever my guests needed, by sissy servers delivered. I have some demanding friends too. My sissy servers swallowed a lot of cock and ate several pussies too. My friends love coming to my house because they are guaranteed to have their needs met. I had my sissy twins dressed in French Maid outfits too. White stockings framed their asses and little clit sticks. Their skirts were very short, so every guest could see their goods. Some of the women got fucked by some black bulls I had on hand and my sissy boys were there for cleanup duty because they had the best sissy trainer. They had me, their mommy. Are you as good of a sissy as my twins?

The roommate chronicles

sissy phoneMy panties are all missing. I can’t find a single pair. I have been living in this expensive new villa and have had a fantastic roommate who I have been friends since we were super young. Our third roommate was a med student who kept to himself, and the place was enormous. We had plenty of space away from each other and for our belongings. I noticed a lot of my name brand lingerie was missing, and my panties were all gone. I was at my wit’s end, trying to figure out what he panty thief was. I placed some hidden cameras. I never assumed it would be a roommate. I pinned it on one of the maintenance men. They were all creepy and flirty. My best friend was barely home, and Arthur was always studying on campus. I was determined to find out who was the complete klepto in the residency. When I looked up the footage, I saw the panty thief was our timid, quiet roommate Arthur. What I saw was him wearing my lingerie and jerking his small dick on the sissy phone watching sissy porn. Who would have thought the crook was a sissy slut.

Sissy maid training princess

Sissy maid trainingI have a new sissy slut, that is my assistant. This little sissy wanted to be just like me, so he had to listen to everything I said and more. There is no reason not to follow commands from a hot princess like me. You want to learn the ropes you have to be my sissy maid training slut. Whatever I say goes. If I tell you to jump, you ask me how high. It is quite simple. Follow the rules, and there is no reason to fail with me. I like to humiliate and degrade. You being my sissy bitch isn’t for the weak. If you want to follow me around, you have to be aware that I am a popular girl. Once I am done doing all my deeds, you will be the cleanup service indeed.

My makeup was missing

sissy phone sexI know all about sissy phone sex because I lived with a closeted sissy slut for a while. My mom had her brother over every summer. My uncle is a few years older than me and is always crashing on the couch when he had a break. I noticed a pattern every time he would come over to visit my makeup, and lingerie would go missing. My cute outfits and all my new stuff would vanish. It took a while to crack the case. When I di it was pure bliss. I had him right where I wanted him I caught him red handed. It was going to be hard to weasel himself out of the situation. It was clear he was wearing my lipstick and heels. I am looking like a complete sissy. I laughed so hard, and I wasn’t going to let him off the hook easily. I was going to make him worship me and make him my slave pet. A sissy slut in the family isn’t so bad. Now my uncle gifts me all the hush money I want. He is my bitch for life.

My Favorite Submissive Sissy Slut

Mistress phone sex

Jake is one of my favorite Sissies. I call my sissy slut Jackie. Jackie is a naughty submissive Sissy slut, just waiting for me to open up every sissy side Jackie has hiding deep inside. The best thing about Jackie is, Jackie knows the power of my raging cunt. Jackie was being such a good sissy slut just the other day. We met at a hotel downtown. I told Jackie to arrive before me, there were clothes folded nicely on the bed. I told my sissy that I better see a whole new slut when I walk into the room. Jackie obeyed me so well, as soon as I walked into the room Jackie was dressed in the outfit I picked out. Jackie was the best looking sissy slut I have ever seen. Jackie was wearing a lacey satin maid outfit. The Satin was purple and the lace was pink. Jackie was ready to follow all of my orders. I know Jackie loves being a sissy in a pair of 6 inch see-through heals I got her a couple of months ago. I let her wear them when she wants to. I told Jackie I have a dick appointment coming any minute. I told her to get on her knees, she is going to suck the old cum out of my cunt. I told my good slut to make sure she gets every last bit out. Right away Jackie crawled over to me, my legs spread out wide, my sissy slut went to sucking. Not long after my big black man was knocking on the door. I told Jackie to stand in the corner, she is going to watch this man fuck me long and hard with his big fat black cock. Jackie will watch and wait for me to give her an order. My black man loves his ass licked, I told Jackie to come behind Dayvon and get on those sissy hands and knees. Jackie did as I said and soon after Dayvon shot a big load of his chocolate milk deep inside my pussy. It was time for my good sissy slut to clean up the mess. Jackie suction cupped those sissy lips right onto my pussy, getting all of Dayvon’s cum out. It was then time to turn around and face that big black dick I know my sissy slut had been waiting for. Dayvon fucked Jackies face for a long time. My good sissy slut took his big black cock like a true submissive sissy is supposed to, cleaning Dayvon’s black fat dick inside and out.

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