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Taking Sissy Panty Shopping

Sissy pantiesI just must tell you about my little sissy Bob… I mean Becky. Becky is in the early stages of training and doing nicely. We have already had that body waxed so it is nice and smooth. But Becky cried like a little bitch the entire time though. It was pathetic. With every pull of the wax Becky whined. What a little sissy ass. Anyways, now that my little sissy slut is all nice and smooth it was time for some panty shopping. I took that sissy to the local mall and went into Victoria Secret. Becky hung that head, but I could tell sissy was in awe of everything. I told Becky we were shopping for a nice pair of Christmas panties. I found the perfect pair and made Becky try them on. Sissy tried to object but he knows what happens if he disobeys me. And that little clitty was sore from the last paddling. Becky went right in the dressing room. I told that little bitch to try them on and step out so I can see. Of course, the mall was packed and reluctantly Becky stepped out in those pretty red panties where the outline of that sorry dick could be seen. People were in awe and whispering, one girl even took pictures. I was loving that Becky’s face was turning as red as those panties. A few minutes of humiliation went by and I allowed him to go change. We came home and I had him try them on. Here’s a picture of that little sissy bitch in his new panties. What do you think?

Forced Feminization Of A Small Cock Loser

forced femination

This Christmas I want to make you my little Sissy elf Bitch. That’s right some forced feminization will do you good for the Holidays. I bet you really want to be a woman anyway, don’t you? I want to help you in that progress and make you the best little Helper Santa has ever had. I will teach you how to drain those Jolly balls of his so we can deck the Halls with loads of cum. That’s better than snow for my naughty elves that desire to be Sissy sluts to big Jolly old men. I think you are just in time for the best part of training. A nice peppermint candy cane will feel so good up that new vagina of yours and the gooey cream down your throat is the best egg nog of the season. After all Santa is an alcoholic and addict, so you know that cum is a party whores favorite thing.

I’ll Be Your Mistress

mistress phone sex

I love it when I get calls for mistress phone sex. There are some men out there who just aren’t getting what they need from their wives and I am always more than happy to provide it for them. Are you one of those men? I’m sorry. She really should be fucking you more often. Do you even remember the last time she let you touch her? You probably don’t. But she still expects you to provide for all of her needs and everything she wants. That’s not fair. So why don’t you come to me and let me take care of you?
I’ll never tell you no when you’re in the mood to fuck. I love the fact that you want me and I’m so grateful for it. It makes me happy to be able to take care of a big, strong man like you. You have needs and I know how to take care of those. And there’s something so sexy about sneaking around behind her back. You will be so much happier and she’ll think that you’ve finally accepted that she’s just never in the mood. But the reality is that you found someone to take care of you better than she ever could. Are you ready to be with me now?

You want the best sissy trainer right?

best sissy trainerYou want the best sissy trainer right? Well if you want the best to whine and cry when you have to do things you don’t want to do! This is the kind of thing that drives me crazy and makes me want to be an even harsher mistress. I can’t stand a whiner, you want to be a whore and you know it. I can see how excited you get when I make you dress up like a little slut and suck lots of cocks. When I bring in a huge black cock for you, your eyes light up and your little clitty gets rock hard so don’t whine and complain when I make you suck and fuck that cock. I will force you to do whatever I want you to do and you will love every single minute of it, that is the whole reason you call me, isn’t it? Get ready little sissy boy, you are going to be my whore and you will learn to love every minute of it.

Let’s Get That Boy Pussy Ready

femboy training

If you’ve found yourself in need of a little bit of femboy training, you have come to the right mistress. I love taking boys and turning them into feminine fuck toys. That’s what you want, after all. You want to get all kinds of feminized and get that boy pussy fucked, don’t you? Well, that’s part of the training. I’ll have to get your pussy ready for the real cocks that will be sliding deep inside you. I’ll give you a few fuck sessions with my trusty strap on cock and you’ll be cock ready in no time!

But first things first – you need to make sure you look the part of a femboy. Maybe you don’t want to go fully feminine and that’s okay. We can add feminine elements to the way you already look. Black nail polish, eyeliner, and a nice pair of lacy panties will be a great start. Oh, maybe even a pair of fishnet stockings over your panties. Who doesn’t love those?! Your lover will be turned on and you’ll feel sexy as hell.

If you’re ready for a woman who can help you with the extensive training you’ve been craving, let’s get this started, sissy slut!

Forced sissy training

Forced sissy trainingIt is always a sure way to get some new fresh sissy’s to train when I make a post on craigslist or something similar. I always title it something like “Forced sissy training”, or “ISO Sissy 4 Training.” Sure, I get a ton of fake wanna be sissys that aren’t actually ready to submit to me, and just think I will entertain them and that is truly laughable. My time is money, and to become even a sissy to me you must show and prove yourself to be truly invested in following orders given from a goddess like myself. I want a pathetic sissy that will come crawling to me, I need a submissive man that is almost like a woman. You’ll be a woman with me after all, I’ve got a thing for dress up! Makeup, hair, nails, slutty clothes! Those are all things I like to make my sissy’s get into as well. Oh, and they have to take cock like a good sissy bitch while I watch, taunt and teach them to suck and fuck like a subby sissy slut!

Are You A Sissy Phone Slut For Me!

Sissy Phone

Once you go black you never go back. That Is the phrase that plays in my head as my latest sissy phone slut complains that she is worried that the more cock she sucks the more she will stop wanting to have sex with women. I laugh and ask if that is really the worse thing since she has the cutest nub in her panties. No self-respecting woman wants that nubbin inside her. I almost snort as I tell my pretty sissy that no woman can feel her nub of a cock and when she is making love to a woman she is a lesbian scissoring and rubbing her clitty. Now I know plenty of bi girls who would love to fuck that hung black neighbor alongside my pretty clit packing sissy slut. Rubs clits together and get all worked up and share a mammoth Black veiny cock together. Her fears of never going back to pussy are not relevant. She never was a he and might as well put her legs in the air and let her ass pussy get rammed the way God meant it be!





Taboo Phone Chat For Sissy Sluts

Sometimes a mature Mistress like me is needed to confide in with taboo phone chat sessions to just get some stuff out. The idea of becoming a Sissy is intriguing to many men and some find it a little harder to deal with than others, and I am here to lend an ear and hopefully advice to help you out. Sometimes you may just be partying really hard and want someone to share some really dirty talk with and share those kinks you keep very private. It’s a mans world I know and sometimes that masculine side is really a hard pill to swallow and you need to get out of that man suit and step into something sexy, soft and sensual that really caresses that inner you. It’s not my style to judge you and I really am here to assist you in being the sexy little diva you want to be and help you get that nerve up. I want to be the one to guide you into your cock sucking adventures and help you train your pussy to taking that first cock.

Taboo phone chat

Training Day!

Domination phone sexI have a lot of guys call me for blow job training. I’m pretty fucking good at polishing a nob, if I do say so myself. All my former trainees are the best cock suckers around, thinks to me. I can teach you how to run your little pink tongue up and down that rod just right. Lick around the head till you feel it start to throb. I expect all my bitches to have deep throats, see picture and practice makes perfect. So, get out your 10-inch dildos I told you to bring. Now let me see that tongue action I showed you. Very good I see everyone was paying attention except you Beki. What’s the problem? You forgot your dildo at home, I see so you need a dick to practice on. Well you’re in luck my BBC friend just happens to be waiting for me outside, let me get him. Oh, you’re not ready for a real dick to suck. Your sissy ass better get ready. My BBC man loves to face fuck little girly boys like you and he’s going to force fuck that pretty mouth. Hold still, do I have to set on you to keep you down? Fine by me you don’t want to suck. I’ll holed your little ass down and let him get that boy pussy cherry. See girls this is what happens when you don’t come to class prepared.

Put Your Panties On

sissy girl training

Do you find yourself in need of some sissy girl training? I can totally understand. Being a girl is hard and of course, it takes more than just looking like a girl to actually be one. Don’t worry, though. You are in the right place and I promise you that you will be trained and ready to take on the world as a sissy slut. You will be the talk of the town by the time I am finished with you!

You are in the perfect hands with me. I know how to transform you into the sissy girl you want to be. I can help you out with the looks part of things. See, that’s really the most important part. It matters that you feel beautiful and sexy. Trust me, when you look and feel the part, it’s going to make getting down on your knees for that man so much easier. Once you are all dolled up, everything else is going to come so naturally to you. And if it doesn’t, that’s okay. You have me as your sissy trainer to teach you about all the fun things to do to a cock. What more could you ask for?

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