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My Sissy Slave Whore

Domination phone sex

I have the most perfect sissy slave whores ever, I make sure that I train them extremely well. My personal panty boy slaves are leashed around their pathetically limp dickies while I give them orders. First, Mistress’ patent leather boots need to be licked clean. I better be able to see my own pretty reflection in those big boots and if they are a good little sissy, I will step on them with my pointy heel while they scrub the bath tubs clean. I keep my sissies in line by making them stay naked while they please their Mistress and do their chores. They can earn their frilly sissy whore outfits piece by piece. Everything from their sweet ruffled panties, nylons and bras must be earned by pleasuring Mistress’ clients and cleaning up after their Mistress. After all, it is important to train sissy slaves on how to be obedient little skanks. If they misbehave, harsh punishments will be dealt out on their sissy dicklets!

Suns out buns out

Humiliation phone sexSpringtime is here, and summertime is quickly approaching. I love to go to all the parties and shake my ass and show off my hot body in my sluttiest bikini’s. I have a personal sissy who loves humiliation phone sex. I wanted to go ahead and up the ante. I invited my sissy slut to a mega bash in the hills. Bikini booze and babes. Big ballers all around and big black cocks and all colors of the rainbows also were at the party.  Plenty of sugar daddies are showering sexy vixen princesses like me. What can I say I roll with big boys baby!

😉 My sweet sissy was in awe watching me prance around and be catered to like the royal sugar baby I am. I had fun taking big baller dicks and of course I had to anoint my new slut. Suns out buns out and they also happen to be stuffed with fresh semen. Get on your hands and knees in broad daylight and scoop and suck with your tongue that cum right out of me you sissy bitch. 

Which One Of These Bitches Are You

Mistress phone sex Dominating a bitch is easy most of them are submissive sluts anyway. It is not even a challenge to domme a chick bitch. That is why I lay my eyes on men. Those who want to be submissives, slaves, sissies, or sissies bitches are fairly easy to control and train. Their insignificant “man ego” still will get in the way from time to time. But whipping them with a leather belt as all four of their limbs are strapped to the hooks coming up from the floor. A good twenty to thirty minutes of whipping their worthless bodies has a good effect on their “man ego” and puts it in check real quick! But men who want to be submissive but can’t allow themselves to submit to a woman are the challenge I go for. I love my submissives, slaves, sissies, and sissies bitches and I love having them in my life to serve me completely and worshiping every inch of my body and I would never live without them in my life. However forcing a man on his knees, pounding away at his spirit into I break his will gives me a high that I can not get anywhere else.

Let’s Get One Thing Str8, You’re not!

adult phone chat lines

That’s right you’re not Straight. Why would you call my adult chat lines to hear my big black cock fuck tales? You are my femboy, my bottom to my bull cocks.  I know you salivate for those anaconda black dicks. Oh, my baby, my pussy drips for my sissy men.  I know you need a good cock training. Now come into my playroom.  I’ll put on some tunes and you will start gyrating your hips as I find a locking cock cage. You want to be under my command. Cum when I say and not before! Look!  Your beautiful skirt is short so you can show off that cock cage when I command you too. I will be the young mistress who will be feeding you BBC in both ends. I know what you are! I wear the key to your cock cage around my neck proudly as your mistress and your BBC cuckold loving Princess! Bow to me I know what you are! Maybe if you’re a good slut I will help you fund a wardrobe! And feed you cum loads for dinner!  Cum to my sissy phone zone! sissy phone

Princess Domme

Phone dominatrixPhone dominatrix that loves to make you weak. I know you will do everything I tell you to do. You have a family and youngins, but you still crave to be like your princess domme. You have told me all your secrets, and I know them all from the good the bad and the ugly. Don’t worry, keep me happy and you will never be exposed. I have to admit I get quite bored and may put you thru the ringer. You like being weak for me and seeing my pictures. I send you all my hot shots, and you fawn over how perfect I am. You are a fan of my paying slut. You wire me every bit of change I need and so much more. I knew you were the target from the moment I laid eyes on you. I saw you were lusting for my attention. You didn’t want an affair you tried to emulate me. You want to be me to the core and dress up and feel sexy. I have enjoyed making you wear that chasity device. Your wife is wondering why on earth you aren’t trying to fuck her. Wifey is thinking about all the girls you are fucking. If only she knew you were the one being fucked. Forced sissy training is what you begged me for since the beginning. Don’t complain about cum in your coffee cup now.

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Good Boy In My World

Sissy trainingGet on your knees and please me now. You crawl over to me panting looking up at my pussy wanting to suck every last drop of juice out of my pussy. Your eyes are so eager and his tongue so willing. He gets up on his knees and parts my pussy lips with his tongue making me feel so fucking good I lean back as he ravishes my pussy he munches on me like a fine wine dinner with all the trimmings. I grab his hair and smash his face in my pussy. I can hear his sounds of gasping for air but not stopping into I make a cummy creamy thick mess all over his face. He is such a good boy knowing his place in my world.

Do You Wear Sissy Panties?

sissy pantiesDo you wear sissy panties? Any good sissy does. Those little clit sticks get lost in boxers. You don’t deserve to wear masculine clothes anyway. I bet you know that already. Did you play with mommy’s panties when you were a young boy? My sissy boys did. I caught them sleeping in my panties many times. They stole their sister’s panties too. I knew what was going on. They weren’t smelling mommy’s cunt. They weren’t tasting mommy’s juices on the cotton lining either. They liked the way they felt. They liked the way mommy’s pretty panties kept their tiny dick snug as a bug. You need a sissy boy mom who understands you. I have a big dresser full of sexy panties for you and my sons to wear. I have cotton panties, silky panties, lace panties. I have all styles too. Some are bikinis, others are briefs, g-strings or thongs. My sissy boys joke that I must have some stock in Victoria Secrets. Whatever kind my sissy boy loves wearing, I am sure this sissy mom can dress you in the perfect pair of panties and outfit. I am the best sissy trainer for sissy boys with a fetish for mommy’s panties. Just ask my sissy sons.

Phone Domination with a Sissy Mom

phone dominationI am a phone domination kind of mom. The nurturing kind, however. I can be a bad ass mommy bitch if a sissy boy is disobedient. One of my sissy sons was a naughty boy this weekend and he deserved to be punished. I am sure you are asking what he did to bring out my bad mommy side. I had bought a new sex toy for my pussy. I found him with it up his little sissy boy ass. And, to make matters worse, he had on my new pair of sexy underwear. His twin sissy brother warned him I would be mad if I found out. He was right. I pulled my bad sissy boy’s panties around his ankles, pulled out my dildo and fucked his mouth with it. I made him clean his dirty ass off my new toy while I spanked his bare ass. I even put a little Ben Gay in my palm and masturbated his clit stick. He started screeching and hollering like a wounded wild animal. If you don’t punish a sissy, how will they learn? It is always my preference to be a sweet mommy, but bad sissy behavior requires a phone dominatrix to punish him.  I ruined his orgasms for the day, maybe the week. But maybe next time he will think before he plays with mommy’s things.

Sissy Training Teen


BBC Sissy Trainer

Like they always say, blondes have more fun! And boy do I love to have fun with my sissy toy boys. I get so giddy when I think about breaking in a new black cock sucking sissy fag! My little teen pussy gets so fucking wet when I have a faggy boy on his hands and knees waiting to suck on my black football player boyfriend’s cock. First and foremost, we got to stretch that little white mouth! I love mouth training these white fucking fags! First, I start with a small dildo or strap on, then I go bigger and bigger. By far, the best way to stretch out a sissy mouth is jamming a thick meaty black cock deep down until it’s balls deep. It is so funny watching my sissies in training gagging and struggle to fit my boyfriend’s veiny black cock down their throats. Luckily, I’m there to grab a fistful of hair and shoving that fucking faggy head down on that cock!

My Favorite Submissive Sissy Slut

Mistress phone sex

Jake is one of my favorite Sissies. I call my sissy slut Jackie. Jackie is a naughty submissive Sissy slut, just waiting for me to open up every sissy side Jackie has hiding deep inside. The best thing about Jackie is, Jackie knows the power of my raging cunt. Jackie was being such a good sissy slut just the other day. We met at a hotel downtown. I told Jackie to arrive before me, there were clothes folded nicely on the bed. I told my sissy that I better see a whole new slut when I walk into the room. Jackie obeyed me so well, as soon as I walked into the room Jackie was dressed in the outfit I picked out. Jackie was the best looking sissy slut I have ever seen. Jackie was wearing a lacey satin maid outfit. The Satin was purple and the lace was pink. Jackie was ready to follow all of my orders. I know Jackie loves being a sissy in a pair of 6 inch see-through heals I got her a couple of months ago. I let her wear them when she wants to. I told Jackie I have a dick appointment coming any minute. I told her to get on her knees, she is going to suck the old cum out of my cunt. I told my good slut to make sure she gets every last bit out. Right away Jackie crawled over to me, my legs spread out wide, my sissy slut went to sucking. Not long after my big black man was knocking on the door. I told Jackie to stand in the corner, she is going to watch this man fuck me long and hard with his big fat black cock. Jackie will watch and wait for me to give her an order. My black man loves his ass licked, I told Jackie to come behind Dayvon and get on those sissy hands and knees. Jackie did as I said and soon after Dayvon shot a big load of his chocolate milk deep inside my pussy. It was time for my good sissy slut to clean up the mess. Jackie suction cupped those sissy lips right onto my pussy, getting all of Dayvon’s cum out. It was then time to turn around and face that big black dick I know my sissy slut had been waiting for. Dayvon fucked Jackies face for a long time. My good sissy slut took his big black cock like a true submissive sissy is supposed to, cleaning Dayvon’s black fat dick inside and out.