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My Sissy Cuckold Husband

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Today was all about me. I had my sorry ass husband and sissy work together to please me. I first had them put on pretty pink panties and little knee highs and Mary Janes. They looked so pretty. They ran my bath water, brought me champagne and strawberries, washed my body and shaved my legs. They then dried me off and applied lotions and oils to prepare me for this beautiful creature that would be joining me tonight. As they made dinner, I picked out the perfect outfit. The bell rang and the sissies answered the door and brought him to the table. After we ate, they had filled the garden tub for us. Me and this handsome fellow undressed and got in the tub as the sissies brought us drinks. We then made our way back to my bedroom where my husband was waiting on the end of the bed. I snapped my fingers and he came over and started stroking my date’s cock until he was nice and hard. I then laid back and spread my legs. My husband knows that he is to lick me from ass to clit exactly two times to prepare me. He did an excellent job. I then nodded at my husband and he walked my date towards me and gently guided his big thick cock inside my juicy warm pussy. My husband then stood there and watched as this man fucked all of my holes, filling them with his warm thick cum that he knew he was going to clean up once we were done.

Father’s Day Is For Pleasing Me

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For Father’s Day I had planned a special treat just for my husband. I brought him breakfast in bed with some presents wrapped in a cute little pink gift bag. After he ate, he opened his present and found some new panties with the man pussy hole cut out and surrounded with sequins and beneath that a brand new pink vibrating butt plug with rhinestones. I told him to get up and get showered and I would be in to insert his pretty butt plug after. It may be Father’s Day but it is always Mistress’ Violet’s Day so we would be celebrating me and my pussy today. After his shower I had him bend over while I shoved his new butt plug deep in his man pussy and turned on the vibrator. By the look of his little clitty getting hard I could tell he was liking that. Next, I put on a pair of his new panties and took his hand and led him to my room. There waiting for us was a nice-looking man, already naked with his dick hanging way down. I smiled at my husband and he knew exactly what to do. He crawled over to him, got between his legs and started stroking that cock. Once it got hard, he started sucking on it so that it was nice and hard. I watched from the bed as my husband was devouring the head and balls. As I saw a little spot form in his panties, I quickly made him stop. I laid back spread my legs and had him help guide that beautiful large beast inside his wife’s pussy. I used my husband all of Father’s Day like the little sissy he is. Want to hear what I did next?

My Cuckold Husband Does As He Is Told

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So, I met my husband at the top of the stairs wearing nothing but a bra and panties. He looked down as he knew what was getting ready to happen. As he has been trained my sorry cuckold husband went to the bathroom and changed into the outfit, I left for him. He returned to my room wearing pretty pink satin panties with a hold right where his tight man pussy is and white ruffle socks and Mary Janes. He even added some pink glittery lip gloss all on his own. He looked hilarious and adorable at the same time as he walked to the edge of my bed and waited. When my friend arrived, I had my husband undress him and start stroking that big thick cock. He is so good at stroking cock and apparently it is a real turn on for him as a little wet spot started to appear in his panties. Once the cock was rock hard, I had him remove my panties and help guide that hard cock inside his wife’s pussy. He did so well, and that big dick filled my entire hole. I then had him watch as this big cock fucked his wife, listening to me moan and orgasm. My sissy husband knew what was next as he backed and bent over the bed. You want to hear what happened next?

You Are A Cock Whore Sissy

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Come here you little sissy boy. I have laid out some pretty pink satin panties for you to put on. There you go, look how pretty you look in them. Look at how you cannot even see your tiny cock through them. You cannot see your little balls either. I think these were made just for you. Turn all around and let me see how you look. I like how you have shaved your legs and waxed between your legs. You are preparing yourself aren’t you my little cock whore? You cannot wait to take those panties off and please a man with a big thick cock. I think I see a little spot on your panties. Are you getting wet just thinking about it? Now come here my sissy and help me get this big dick hard so I can slide it into my juicy wet pussy and ride that big thing while you sit and watch.

BBC Sissy Training My Husband

BBC Sissy TrainerOne thing high on the sissy lust list is a BBC. But you have to know how to handle the BBC. It is a big beautiful black beast. Not for an untrained sissy. Therefore, I have made a fortune from women wanting me to train their husbands to be BBC sissies or men who want to be BBC sissies. I will use my sorry ass husband as an example of exactly how this BBC sissy training works. I love to dress him in frilly sissy panties and have him sit right beside me. Then I have that gorgeous man with that monstrous snake come over to me. I show him how to stroke that big dick. It is so large you must use both hands. He did so good, stroking up and down in perfect rhythm. I show him how to gently touch the ball sack to, causing that beautiful man to start to moan. Next, and this takes lots of practice, I show him how to lick that massive thing. From the base to that big head. Going slowly and firmly, licking in long even strokes. I can see my husbands tiny dick through the panties, and he is starting to leak more and more as the gorgeous man moans louder. My husband gets so excited he starts to put it in his mouth. That is when I must stop him. He is not worthy of putting it in his mouth, he is simply there to get it nice and hard for me. I then make my husband get on the bottom of the bed while he watches me satisfy that BBC with my mouth, my juicy wet pussy and even my nice round ass. As that BBC is fucking me, I laugh at my husband rubbing his little dick, getting off on watching this big cock go in and out of his wife, making me moan in ecstasy.

Watch As Another Man Fucks Your Wife

Mistress Phone SexSissy PantiesMy Husband has been working from home lately and as he sat at his desk in our room I told him I would be having a friend over for a play date and that he would need to strip down to his boxers and wait further instruction from me. He did what he was told and patiently waited for my friend to arrive. When he got there, I brought him into the bedroom and undressed him in front of my husband, making sure he saw the massive cock between his legs. I told my husband to watch as this man pleased me in all the ways that his tiny cock was incapable of. I started rubbing on that big cock as I kept constant eye contact with my husband. I then started blowing that big beast, taking it deep in my throat. My husband looked on and I could see his tiny cock start to get bigger. I told him to pull that tiny thing out and start rubbing it as he watched a real man pleasure his wife. I then laid back and brought that man’s head between my legs guiding him to my juicy wet pussy. He licked my wet cunt and fingered my pussy hole as I moaned and looked on at my husband. I told my husband to stop stroking now and watch. I got on all fours facing him and had that man put his cock in me from behind and start fucking me. My husband watched as that dick went in and out of my pussy and my tits bounced up and down. His little dick was now leaking but I was not going to let him touch it just yet. After squirting all over that big dick I had him sit on the edge of the bed and I sat on top of him with my back to his chest. I had him grab my breasts and squeeze my nipples as I bounced up and down on that massive cock. I knew he was going to shoot his load soon so I finally told my husband that he could start stroking that baby cock again. As that big cock unloaded inside me my husband’s little thing started leaking everywhere. I laughed at him as it ran down his hands. After my friend left, I had my husband come and lick all of that yummy cum from my pussy. When he was done, I put that cock cage back on him and sent him to bed.

Ms. Violet has a Creampie for you to Clean Sissy

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Who doesn’t enjoy a nice relaxing bubble bath? Nobody I know. Especially you my little sissy boy. Come on and join me. You can please me while you are here. Let me sit on the side, just like this, and spread my legs nice and wide. You know what to do don’t you? That is right. Lick Ms. Violet’s pussy and clit until you make me cum. Nice. Now I have a few friends that are going to join us. Look at those massive big black cocks’ baby? I can see your clitty is getting hard just watching. Now you get those dicks hard for me. I want you to suck them until you taste the pre-cum and then stop. Then it is my turn. I am going to get fucked so hard by their massive cocks while you sit and watch. I know you want to play with your clitty, but you can’t. You must only watch. Just look at how that massive cock fills my juicy wet pussy. I bet you wish it were in your man pussy, don’t you? It feels so good. Oh baby, now that he shot his load in me, I need you to be a good little sissy and clean him up. Nice. You get the next one ready for me too. Don’t worry about cleaning me up just yet. I want to make sure I have a delicious big black cock cum creampie for you.

I Have a Dildo For Your Man Pussy But You Have to Earn It

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Look what I have for you little sissy boy. A big thick dildo. Know what I am going to do to you with it? I know what you would like for me to do with it, but you are going to have to earn it first. I am going to sit right here on the edge of the bed and watch as you get this strapping big dick stud ready for me. You suck him nice and hard and take his dick in deep. I will let you keep going until you can taste the precum and then I will take him away from you. You can watch as I spread my legs and this fat cock fucks my bald juicy pussy and pumps it full of his warm yummy cum. When we are done, I will let you lick his cock clean, do not forget the balls love. Nice. Now come here and clean out my pussy, getting every last drop of that cum out of me. Oh, my sweet sissy you have done so well. Now pull down your sissy panties and let Mistress Violet ram this big fat dildo deep inside your man pussy. Let me hear my little cock slut moan as I fuck your man pussy with it.

I Will Make You Beg

Mistress Phone SexYou know you need some mistress phone sex. Nothing is hotter than a beautiful woman telling you to put on your sissy panties and beg to play with your little clitty. I bet your tiny little thing is getting hard just thinking about those soft panties brushing up against it. Nothing makes my pussy wetter than watching you in your sissy panties with a tiny wet spot where your clitty has leaked. If you are a good little girl, I will let you stick that big fat black dildo to your wall and fuck it with your man pussy. The moans as you take it deep inside and the little sissy screams as you orgasm. My pussy is wet just thinking about it. So, you go and take a nice warm bubble bath, shave all of that hair off of your body, put on some lotion and give Mistress Violet a call. I have many fun things planned for you.

Some After Dinner Cocks

Sissy Phone SexToday I woke up feeling horny. My pussy was begging to be fucked. I knew my husband could not please me so I would have to arrange it myself. I was also feeling naughty and not just one dick would satisfy my hunger today. I made a call to a friend and he said he would be over around dinner and bring me a few surprises. My pussy was wet just thinking about being rammed in my tight bald pussy by his fat cock. I fixed my husband dinner and as were eating the doorbell rang. I told him that I was going to be entertaining my pussy with some cock that I can feel and that he needed to finish his dinner and change into his pink nighty and join me in my room. I opened the door and there in my doorway were four men. My pussy nearly exploded with anticipation. We took it into my room, and we all undressed. I knelt between then and started sucking their cocks as they were jacking off, squirting streams of cum on me. My sissy husband showed up in his nighty and I had him help me gets these gorgeous cocks to climax. He watched as I fucked each and every one of those rock-hard cocks until my holes were completely full of their cum. After they left, I spread my legs and my sissy husband crawled over and licked all of that yummy sperm from my pussy and my ass and even licked the dried cum from my gigantic breasts. I patted his head and sent him to bed as I laid down and drifted off to sleep satisfied.