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Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sexWith me roleplay phone sex is easy, it comes naturally. Mistress Genesis knows that you’re tired of pretending to be this big, strong, manly man. You don’t have to pretend to be dominant with me, no no, that’s my job. Your job? Worship me, submit to me in every way, give me all your control. There we go, a sissy all dressed up, a sissy ready to be fucked. You want to show off your pretty outfit. A tutu and crown top off your little sissy slut outfit today. This is perfect for my humiliation I have planned. I can never show any mercy in my forced sissy training. What kind of dominatrix would I be? My cunt is hot and wet, I love seeing a sissy groveling at my feet. It’s time for a dirty sissy to clean my feet with your pathetic mouth. My voice is powerful and brings my sissy to his knees as I remind him he will ask to worship my feet and beg like a good little bitch. You’re a good sissy, so you get straight to work kissing and licking my toes and feet all over, you are worshipping my feet as your life depends on it. Who knows with me, it could. And I am loving every second of it! I order you to open your mouth, and I reward you with a drink of my warm hot piss. Mmm, drink up sissy.

Forced sissy training

Forced sissy training“You’ve come to the right place, or rather I’ve made you come here for Forced sissy training.” My naive sissy stands below me looking up at me with eager willing eyes. Eyes that say that they’d do anything they’re told. He’s on his knees a degrading place for a sissy to be. “A sissy that is training must obey all the rules and keep up to all Mistress Genesis.” I start spewing off the things my new sissy in training will need to be ready for panties, bras, makeup, pedi’s and mani’s, butt plugs, wigs, makeup, purses, high heels and most certainly a cock lock for that pathetic oversized clit. As a sissy in training, it is expected that you never cum without permission. You have limited and logged masturbation times and are subject to humiliation and degrading. There will be a list of chores and things a sissy must do. Any good girl knows how to do all these things. Dress up time is always everyone’s favorite. And I must agree that I love dressing up a pink fairy faggot in a tutu and then making that sissy slide down those panties for me to fuck their little ass. Just like a girl, this is how you make these sissy fucks feel like the little girly princesses they really are. And of course, you can’t forget the domination a sissy loves and receives from someone with as much power as me.

Edging Sissy

Mistress phone sex“PLEASE Mistress, I beg you, please let me cum!” I can tell how badly he wants it, I’ve been edging with this sissy slut for a week now. He hasn’t been able to cum once, he is past having blue balls. I always bring him so close to cumming, just to stop him and make sure he knows who is in charge. It’s what I get off on, my power trip with my pet pansies. These sissy fairy faggots all have these oversized clits ready to get hard at the drop of a hat. “Hmm, let me think no you cannot cum you, stupid sissy.” He starts to whine and beg, but I put that to an end quickly. “You will never cum with that attitude!” I tell him, my powerful, seductive voice makes him quiver in my presence. “Yes my queen, I will do anything you tell me to do my mistress”. Ah just like I thought. He really needs to cum, and I really need him to know his place. So I decided to strike a deal with my edging sissy. “I will allow you to cum, but you must double my allowance this week.” He doesn’t hesitate to agree, already asking to cum, and screaming like a girl when I allow him to squirt that pathetic dickie. Mmm! A job well done.

Sissy Tranny Bitch

Mistress phone sexI met a cute sissy tranny through another one of my sissy slut trainers. Donna had been training her for a few months and she wanted to test her sissy tranny with another strong Dominant. Arriving at Donna’s her sissy tranny was already in restraints with a very red ass. Donna had beat her ass for twenty minutes. Giggles that is exactly how many minutes I was late. Suzi had tears in her eyes and I felt my pussy tingle looking at her bright red ass. Donna had her thank me for being late and Suzi whimpered out the words. I patted her head as I walked past her. Donna and I were laughing at the worthless tranny before us. Donna got out her dildoes and toys and the fun began. Suzi took every strike we gave her across her flesh. Her ass opened up wide when we shoved the 13 thick inch blue dildo in. She took the whole thing. We lowered her restraints making her level with our soaking wet pussies. We both sprayed her with our cum and left her in her restraints while Donna and I were fucking each other.

Jerry Zeglier from Pennsylvania is such a sissy bitch

Mistress phone sexJerry Zeglier from Pennsylvania is such a sissy bitch. Robyn introduced us the other night on one of our sex chats phone line and what a pathetic son of a bitch he is. He was trying to tell me what I could do with him and I had to shut that shit down. Like I need his advice on how to use, abuse, or embarrass him. Such a looser to think that he can even talk to me in such a manner as if he was my equal. He pissed me off and all I wanted to do was whip him with my strap. The next time I talk with him he better know his fucking place and learn how to talk to me or I won’t be so lenient on his bitch ass.

Sissy Loves BBC

Mistress phone sexWhen I opened the door he crawled through. On the bed, he saw a big black man ready to use and abuse him right along with me. My sissy’s dick got hard fast seeing the nice surprise I had waiting for him. He was foaming at the mouth starring at that big fucking black cock waiting for him with his big blue eyes. He crawled right up to him opened his mouth wide and begged for that cock to enter his mouth. But he was not getting that big black cock in his mouth that quickly. I grabbed him by the hair and yanked him towards my ready pussy. I smothered him in my juices spreading them all over his face. Just as I was about to squirt all over his sissy face he got that big fat black dick he had been craving deep in his pussy ass.

On Your knees

Mistress phone sexI come home with my girlfriends from a night of partying. And waiting for us is you with only your purple studded collar around your neck. A tray of our favorite drinks presented to us with you on your knees. All the girls were gushing over how well behaved you are and eager you were to serve us as soon as we walked in. You made proud of the way you listened to every command they had of you. You did not hesitate to please them. Even when Terri wanted to use your mouth as a piss bucket you rushed to in between her legs opened your mouth wide and swallowed her tasty nectar as if it was sugar water. And you did not spill a drop. When Melinda strapped her dildo on and started fucking you in your pussy ass you took it like a champ. Begging for her to let you cum and waited for her permission before you did. Now my girls know why I adore you so much and now they adore you too.

Which One Of These Bitches Are You

Mistress phone sex Dominating a bitch is easy most of them are submissive sluts anyway. It is not even a challenge to domme a chick bitch. That is why I lay my eyes on men. Those who want to be submissives, slaves, sissies, or sissies bitches are fairly easy to control and train. Their insignificant “man ego” still will get in the way from time to time. But whipping them with a leather belt as all four of their limbs are strapped to the hooks coming up from the floor. A good twenty to thirty minutes of whipping their worthless bodies has a good effect on their “man ego” and puts it in check real quick! But men who want to be submissive but can’t allow themselves to submit to a woman are the challenge I go for. I love my submissives, slaves, sissies, and sissies bitches and I love having them in my life to serve me completely and worshiping every inch of my body and I would never live without them in my life. However forcing a man on his knees, pounding away at his spirit into I break his will gives me a high that I can not get anywhere else.

Good Boy In My World

Sissy trainingGet on your knees and please me now. You crawl over to me panting looking up at my pussy wanting to suck every last drop of juice out of my pussy. Your eyes are so eager and his tongue so willing. He gets up on his knees and parts my pussy lips with his tongue making me feel so fucking good I lean back as he ravishes my pussy he munches on me like a fine wine dinner with all the trimmings. I grab his hair and smash his face in my pussy. I can hear his sounds of gasping for air but not stopping into I make a cummy creamy thick mess all over his face. He is such a good boy knowing his place in my world.

All Men Are Sissies

Sissy training I am a Taurus the bull. Which means I am stubborn as hell and I always want and get my way. Men to me are just another thing to conquer in my lifetime. Even the self-proclaimed alpha men want to be at the feet of a Dominant sexy woman. The more macho they claim to be the easier they are to break. I have all sorts of men that come to me for my training. From sissy men who already know their place to strong alpha assholes who think they are going to teach me a thing or two about being their bitches. I laugh at them as they crumble under my feet begging for more of me. I lead them around on a leash and choke collar making them bark like the dogs they are.

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